Federal ALP, it seems you would rather play nice and sacrifice our democracy, than fight for US

Recent events has shown demonstrably one thing – the Media in this country (and when Murdoch controls 70% and ABC most of the rest, let us give up pretending that media is anything but a tool of the Reich-wing) wants regime change.

It is clear that Murdoch wants a change in government, why? destroy the NBN, that interferes with his private TV, maybe he wants to buy the ABC, doesn’t matter what Murdoch’s ultimate aim is, he wants Federal Labor gone.

Murdoch will not even wait for an election – his lackeys will force one, they will try every dirty trick in the book, and it seems more than likely he will get that.

And where is the Labor party? Silent. You people stand by and watch while our democracy is being screwed over by a foreign billionaire.

Ok, fine the media is against you, but you don’t do anything to stop them. How about enforcing a more balanced ABC, which has become little more than an extended Liberal Party election ad every News bulletin with a few quaint English village dramas and a Doctor Who or two thrown in.

Why not have a media enquiry, take a look at what the Leveson enquiry is achieving in Britain, it is uncovering corruption, lies, deceit, blackmail, and so many other illegal activities, but you, Federal Labor believe that Murdoch’s papers would never do such things here – why? Did you read that in a Murdoch paper?

Federal Labor you carry on like you expect supporters to continue supporting you, when you do very little to help yourselves. You are taking for granted the people in the community who defend you, fight for you, and work for you. There is a mass exodus of supporters to the Greens and to Liberals, because you don’t fight back.

Why do you not fight back, because that wouldn’t be nice. Ohh must play by the rules – yes, but the rules are being re-written by Murdoch even as I type. And democracy is being shredded.

In this country we now have rule by Murdoch (Murdocracy), and you are doing NOTHING to stop it. We are being turned into a media-dominated fascist state where the only rules are those that Murdoch wants, and you are letting it happen.

When the Liberal party and the Murdoch press (but I repeat myself) throw mud at your people, you fret about appearances. You do nothing do stand by them, you offer them up as sacrificial lambs in the hope that the rest of you might be spared. Has any Liberal ever stood down even when convicted of major crimes? No, the Liberal party close ranks and defend them even harder.

Our democracy is in your hands and you are doing nothing to protect it, but if you won’t fight for it, why should the rest of the country.

Democracy, the rule of law, Parliament, elections – these things mean nothing to Murdoch, they are a speedbump to him, and you are letting him destroy them and our country.

And if there are still Labor supporters calling for a return of One K Rudd – go take a good hard look at yourselves in the mirror. You should be ashamed. Rudd did more to destablise the current government than all the ALP members combined. His leaks, his ego, his briefing Right-wing journalists, the leadership saga that damaged the Labor brand, the media cannot wear all of the blame for that.

Rudd was soundly defeated at the last ALP vote for Prime Minister, and if see one more self-proclaimed Lefty agitating for a Rudd revival, I will call you out the traitor and betrayer that you are (and not of the Labor party, but of democracy, freedom and our future). The man doesn’t need any more encouragement, and if (when) his ego gets the better of him, and he puts his fragile self-esteem ahead of the future of this nation. If there is one more Rudd challenge, that will be the final nail in the coffin of the ALP brand, Australian democracy and our freedom. And no man who would do that deserves the support of anyone.

Greens supporters, don’t think I am ignoring you. You think you are above party politics, you are just as ideologically driven as the other major parties. You think you are better, you think you are centrist – I have news for you – the rest of the country sees you as Far Left. You hate Labor – because I suppose you will do better under an Abbott-led government. If you think that, you are delusional.

Oh, Wikileaks supporters, I haven’t forgotten you either. Tell me – how is Julian Assange any different from Rupert Murdoch? Both are heads of secret, shadowy, money-making machines, hacking into peoples private lives, both despise the left, and both are seeking to overthrow the democratically elected government of Australian. You hate PM Julia Gillard and are working to undermine her government – but that is not just Her Government, it is also the Government we voted in. Yet you people carry on like you are more important than every single person who went out on election day and cast their ballot. That makes you just as dangerous as Murdoch in my book. Because Murdoch doesn’t pretend he is on the side of good, he is on the side of making money and makes no pretence otherwise.

And if you think that Julian Assange will be treated with more respect under an Abbott government, you really didn’t pay any attention during the Howard years. So if is not about getting better treatment, the desire to overthrow our Government can only be ideological – you hate the Left. PM Gillard could have rolled out a golden carpet, sent the entire airforce to Europe escorted him back to Australia and gave Julian one of tropical Queenslands islands to become his own private republic, and you would still do all you can to depose the current government and install Abbott as Prime Minister.

comment by @redglitterx not authorised by TurnLeft or any of the owners

Edited 29 April 2013
This piece seems to have recently been discovered. It is a year old, would it be written today, probably not, although perhaps, just less anger and emotion and more facts. I won’t remove it just because it is old and opinions have evolved, that would be rewriting history, even if that history is just of this blog.

I cannot remember why the Greens were attacked, possibly as a result of something someone said or an article in the media. I wouldn’t say those things today.

Comments about Julian Assange, if memory serves, were written just after Assange announced he would be standing in the lower house for PM Gillards seat. Of course it presents as a political move. Why not stand in Abbott’s seat? Because the problem according to some supporters was the Labor government. I don’t know if Assange is left or right, but I do think his supporters feel the ALP should have ‘saved’ him.
Moving to stand for the Senate might be a better path, it allows more of his supporters to show their support FOR him, rather than a protest vote AGAINST PM Gillard… and he has a better chance of winning, where he might achieve something, rather than just an one-day protest vote.


13 Comments to “Federal ALP, it seems you would rather play nice and sacrifice our democracy, than fight for US”

  1. Great post which should be circulated to all ALP MPs as you say redglitterx.

    I also find it very frustrating when the constant stream of lies from shock jocks, the Murdochracy and the ABC are neither countered, nor the liars forced to apologise and publish the truth in prime time, or on the front page.

    The ALP seems mesmerised by these trolls and incapable of acting in their own best in terests and in the best interests of the people of this country. Something needs to be done to shake them out of their apathy.

    And it’s about time ALP politicians got busy on social media like Emerson, Swan, Bradbury etc.

    IMO, the ABC should also be gutted from the top down and replaced by staff who will abide by the charter.

    As for Assange, I too believe he is no more than a Liars Party stooge, who will definitely get short shrift from a Liars government.

    • I think many in the ALP believe so strongly in what they are doing, that they are doing good things for the future and present of this country, they think that voters will automatically see that. Or maybe they are pushing hard to get the message out there, but the media is a road block.
      We (those of us not in politics) can no longer say “The people have stopped listening” because, as you point out, they are listening to the Shock Jocks and the Murdocrats and can quite easily parrot all of Tony Abbott’s 3-word slogans.

      Oh, very much agree with the ABC, gutted, or half gutted, need some balance : ).

      This was an old piece, if memory serves, written just after Assange announced he would be standing in the lower house for PM Gillards seat. Of course it was a political move. Why not stand in Abbott’s seat? Because the problem was the Labor government. I don’t know if Assange is left or right, but I do think his supporters feel the ALP should have ‘saved’ him.
      Moving to stand for the Senate might be a better move for more of his supporters to show their support FOR him, rather than a protest vote AGAINST PM Gillard.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  2. SMACK! Right between the eyes. Well said. Now wtf can we do to negate the huge influence murdoch has?

    • I don’t know, but when the show I’m watching on Foxtel has finished, and then I finish that article I’m reading in the Sunday Murdoch, and finish the Murdoch apps that come free with my phone, and then after my favourite tv show on Junior Murdochs free-to-air channel, I might get around to thinking of something.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  3. well I can wear criticism in fact invite it so I can add more to what I say – I hope you can do the same. Better than being ignored. I’m encouraged that you are not a party hack. I did a lot of work with the Assange cables so I’m just a little staggered than anyone on the left saw them as being anti left. But OK lets not be held too accountable to what we might have said a year ago – we all get things wrong or review our thoughts its what we should do. Hopefully anything I write is not seen as particularly pointed against a fellow (?) traveler but an argument about the facts or details. So no insult intended. – well maybe just a little. But no hard feelings anyway.

  4. I’m all for coalitions of the left. These comments against the Greens and Assange are just silly. Surely only a party hack or plant could say those things. If you had any appreciation of the recent body of work by Assange you would understand what he has done to uncover the nature of empire. How we and every other country is screwed by big business and the pro-war military complex. If you had any respect for truth you would take that on board and act accordingly not dis him cos your favoured party might lose some votes if he runs candidates. I’ve got no idea what his attitude is on social policies but I reckon he’s probably got more idea than most here on how international politics operate. As for the Greens I don’t agree with everything they do either (and I upset more than a few with my criticisms of Brown’s accommodation to US hegemony on Libya and Syria – for starters) but I reckon on most issues they are kicking in the right direction. Take aim but with intelligent discussion please.

    • This post you are commenting on is a year old, so much has happened since, would it be written today? Probably not the same post. And I am neither a party hack or a plant.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

    • Actually, part 2: I left editing this blog a long time ago, I came back while the owner -99- is taking a break from Australian politics, and I don’t blame her. She removed all the posts, I spent over an hour reinstalling them. So they have all come back, old ones, newer ones, posts written in response to certain events which are long forgotten.

      This post is 2 days short of 1 year, you have said or implied that I am: Silly, party hack, plant, no appreciation for Assange, no respect for the truth, a moron compared to wikileaks fans.

      Do I (a) say, “You’re right, I was wrong, thank you for your comment” or do I (b) make some nasty sarcastic comment thinking you’re probably not coming back again, and if you do it will just be to pick holes because I’m not perfect, or do I (c) ignore it, and walk away from this blog, and join the previous editor -99- in being silent on the issue of Australian politics because the majority of feedback this blog gets is criticism.

  5. It is even worse than you have painted it. A significant number of Labor people have also sold out to Murdoch. Mark Arbib resigning for “family reasons” and then picking up a job with News Ltd is only one of the more obvious examples.

    Graham Richardson (Labor Party spokesperson apparently) is no doubt due a huge bonus payment for his contribution to Labor’s downfall.

    Two years ago I wrote to Gillard and Conroy urging them to act to restore some balance at the ABC, I got the impression that most of the cabinet only watched FOX pay TV and perhaps they would not mind if the ABC fell into a heap.

    Don’t forget that Conroy (in between making silly faces at press conferences) has already reappointed Mark Scott to his current position.

    Every time Abbott says one of his outrageous lies and it is not immediately corrected, it stands as a “fact” with the voting public. Any time an ABC employee takes on one of these Liberal party lies, they are forced by Mark Scott to back down and apologise.

    Labor will lose the election in September despite having an outstanding record of economic management and policy vision. It will happen because a few Labor rats sold out the government. These same Labor rats hold safe seats and so can look forward to a long time on the opposition front bench (woopty doo!)

    • I wish I could bump this comment, it says it all. People of the Left and centre who don’t want an Abbott liberal government give the impression that good policy is all they need, I think some supporters are too optimistic.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  6. Very well said, @redglitterx. There is nothing else that could be added really as you have said it all. Must say that Craig Emerson gives as good as he gets from the nasty Lib trolls in Twitter & some are REALLY vicious. As does David Bradbury & even Wayne Swan. It is good to see them getting involved.

    The trouble is the public at large was dumbed down politically during the Howard era of dog whistling. This has been continued by the complicit MSM & the rabid right wing shock jocks. The move to the right of the ABC has been at such breakneck speed it is almost unbelievable. It is as if Mark Scott has taken the bias handbrake off & let everyone loose to do their thing.

    • Thank you Joy, this commnent is well said too. Agree with your comment about the ALP politicians, Combet gives good in Parliament, not sure if he is a big social media user. As for the ABC, they don’t even pretend to hide their bias any more.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

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