Only in Australia would voters want revenge for a Government being too successful

Lets not forget who the Titanic passengers were – rich cruisers and poor immigrants.

And, what, one may ask, because the media fails to – does Titanic proportions mean – The Rich will get lifeboats and Nannies, while the poor can go drown?

Maybe he means, if you wear diamonds and furs, you will be saved, but if you are a poor brown boat-person, learn to swim.

Perhaps this is a reference to climate change, the polar ice caps will melt, leading to rogue icebergs.

An iceberg is one way to stop the boats – maybe that is part of Tony Abbott’s new immigration policy.

Although stepping back, for what reason would voters have to take revenge? (by the way, Pyne, you seem to be confusing running government with a Godfather movie, just slightly different things)

Let us check with the Worlds Best Treasurer … how many of those did Costello win? None you say?

Aus economy 7% larger than before GFC while others still not back at the starting line (ie UK 4% smaller than pre-GFC).

Real recognition of Australia’s strength amongst G20 – low unemployment, growth returning to trend, huge investment pipeline

#IMF forecasts show Australia will perform better than every major advanced economy over the next two years

Oh yes, it is easy to understand why the voters would want revenge. How dare a Gillard-Swan government give us such prosperity.


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