Another day, another violent threat against the Prime Minister, why have there been no arrests?

What signal does this send to people who have suffered a violent assault, or watched family members die as a result of a violent assault, particularly women. By ignoring all these threats (oh but they’re just jokes, metaphors, said in the heat of the moment), it sends the message that violence against women is ok.

Grahame Morris, Deputy Federal Director, Liberal Party, said on Sky News that PM Gillard should be kicked to death.

Australians… ought to be kicking her to death. Grahame Morris (Sky News. 30 April 2012)

This is unacceptable. This is threatening language, this is violent language. And one day, some right-wing loser, alone in his bedroom, no girlfriend, blaming women for all his problems, will act on these repeated requests to assassinate the Prime Minister.

The silence among mainstream media would suggest they see nothing wrong with those comments, they don’t appear newsworthy. They silence reinforces the idea that violence against women is acceptable.

Is Tony Abbott, Murdoch Media and Reich-wing leaders so desperate for an election that this is the way they want one?

Here are more violent threats against the Prime Minister and other leading politicians, and, without a doubt, that list will grow as we get closer to an election:

Tony Abbott The voters of Queensland, they won’t miss… this Prime Minister [Gillard] and this Leader of the House [Albanese] have got targets on their foreheads.

Tony Abbott, Their baseball bats aren’t there for Anna Bligh, they’re there for this Prime Minister

The Queensland Liberal Party, using a bullet riddled ALP flag during the most recent QLD election

Random right-wing supporter telling union leader, Paul Howes it was a shame that it didn’t in response to Howes saying how easily something like a Breivik-terrorist attack could happen here, the man who killed 77 Labour people in Norway, many children included

Alan Jones (right wing radio talk back host) talking about Clover Moore of Sydney put her in the same chaff bag as Julia Gillard and throw them both out to sea and in reference to Prime Minister Gillard again Jones said quite frankly they should shove her and Bob Brown in a chaff bag and take them as far out to sea as they can and tell them to swim home, as well as the death threats against Julie Bishop.

Liberal MP, Michael Pengilly, telling a female Minister, that you should be put down


6 Comments to “Another day, another violent threat against the Prime Minister, why have there been no arrests?”

  1. There also was an example of how this hatred has been fostered by abbotts [and others ] hate breeding comments ,in north queensland public forum attended by joe hockey ,where a man in the audiance asked joe hockey ” How would the liberal party view an armed insurrection to overthrow the government ” joe hockey was visibly surprised by question and answered “we live in a peace loving country” which was apropriate answer.
    What really concerns me and im sure most australians is the fact that this kind of talk demonstrates that the devisive language of many of leading political leaders ,in the interest of democrasy has actually placed democracy at risk.
    We have the greatest example of democrasy in the entire world ,if a government in this country fails to do the right thing for us [the people ] and the country ,we boot them out after 3 yearsand thats the way it should be.

    • Well, Joe “meagre income” Hockey, just went up one step in my estimation (but it wasnt too high to start with) but the fact someone would suggest this openly, must have thought they would have a receptive audience. What do these people say when the media or outsiders are not around. It is a scary time to be openly left / female / union in public in this country.

  2. It’s also a disgraceful set of examples about the general attitude towards bullying within Australia: threats (either actual or implied) of violence to settle a disagreement or because a person doesn’t like another person.

    Bullying, it seems, remains a big joke in Australia … until someone gets hurt of course. Then there’s a few “tsk tsk” sighs that “we must do something about this epidemic”, then they all go back to trying to sh-t kick people they disagree with.

    • I have yet to see any violence against women, domestic violence, end bullying, etc advocates speak out about this continued violent language and threats against our elected leaders. There may have been, I just havent seen them. This is who we are as a nation, we laugh when threats of death are made against our female prime minister. What will Tiny Abbott be like as a prime minister, he will bully his way across our region, until Indonesia or Samoa or someone puts him in place, like the little man that he is.

  3. A gay friend of mine was literally kicked to death by skinheads in Sydney in 1985, and Morris has revived the sad memory for me once again. I generally abhor violence, but in Morris’ case I am prepared to make an exception. I suggest this ugly slug should be drowned in a vat of hydorchloric acid, after having been stabbed ten thousand times in the crotch with a cocktail fork.

    • I have seen young women defending his comment “but his such a lovely warm charming man” in other words, “good idea, death threat against the PM”. They keep saying these kind of comments baseball bats, targets on foreheads, drown in a chaff bag, who actually goes around talking like that – violent bullies who use violence, threats and intimidation to get their own way, pity on all Australians if Tony Abbott ever gets the keys to the lodge.

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