Futurama’s Fry wonders… just who does Latika Bourke work for?

caption: Not sure if Latika Bourke works for the ABC … Or the Liberal-Nationals

The once-seeming neutral Latika Bourke (nicknamed Libtika in some social media networks) appears to have given up all pretence of balance.

The only thing that can possibly be added to that comment is, for a party that hates boat-people, they sure seem obsessed by the Titanic. First Pyne says revenge from voters will be titanic, then Clive Palmer wants to build a replica Titanic, now Latika is talking about the ALP going down with the ship.

Ms Bourke is not just a random social media commentator, she is paid to do so by the ABC, she is their Social Media Reporter, and what she says does reflect on the ABC’s pro-Liberal direction. Perhaps that is unfair, but that is reality.

In response to a comment that ALP needs to change leadership (do we really need to go through this every six months?

you serious? I get the feeling they’ve used up that trick, one too many times. Go down with the Ship.

In case the media has forgotten, PM Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister at the previous election, and the Liberal-Nationals lost.


Gillard is behind the wheel of a clapped-out bomb.

6 Comments to “Futurama’s Fry wonders… just who does Latika Bourke work for?”

  1. I don’t get that from her comments but would it be so bad – Barrie Cassidy was a press secretary in the Hawke Keating Government and Kerry O’Brien in the Whitlam Government – while Kerry O’Brien might have been able to at least pretend to be unbiased Barrie Cassidy doesn’t even seem to try – we will have an election later this year and we will all get to decide – but i do agree with Mary’s suggestion though – just news, no comments, no editorial and no panel discussions – just report the facts – I see that as the role of a national broadcaster

    • Funny, it is always the Right wingers who see nothing wrong with Latika Bourkes tweets, even those that are snarky and vicious. But, you are so right – Barrie doesnt even try to hide his LNP, anti Government bias. As for Kerry OBrien, when was the last time he interviewed a politician? Talking about things that happened 5 or more years ago as evidence of left wing bias? really, if you have to go that far back, that would suggest you can’t find any examples of Left wing bias more recent.

  2. Umm…Just in case YOU forgot, Julia Gillard was NOT the prime minister at the last election.

  3. Perhaps the abc could be sold, and we could start afresh, with a new public
    Broadcaster from the funds of the sale,all we want is news and news readers not comments

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