John Howard greases up and inserts himself into current politics

Australian political reporting just keeps hitting the low points, and each one way lower than the last, but this one really takes the cake.

Not content with starting every news story with Tony Abbott says we have now devolved into John Howard says and he has an opinion on the current leadership stability within the ALP.

Yesterday a senior Liberal made a death threat against the Prime Minister, but does any media outlet cover it? No, they give up more leadership speculation, and like a kitten with a piece of string, they follow.

Ooh John Howard says something…. shiny things… ooooh pretty… what death threat?

@smh Do you have any actual news to tweet? Who gives a shit what Howard thinks about Labor? #auspol

@latikambourke @Simon_Cullen Since when is Howard in the ALP caucus? His comment is more like a diversion from the trouble Pyne is in?

Howard has direct line like Batman! #auspol RT @mansillo: Who asked Howard or did he just call up the Murdoch press to give his daily rant?

Even when Labor MPs themselves deny there is truth to the gossip, the media will just make it up anyway.

Hey @fitzhunter, can you confirm the 7 report you told PM Julia Gillard personally that you no longer support her?

Joel Fitzgibbon ‏ @fitzhunter
@latikambourke not true!

However, the question remains, which truly courageous gossip columnist – oops, political reporter, will tell us what Menzies would have said.


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