Senior Minister admits democracy for sale: Either Buy Your Way Onto The Field, or You Are Irrelevant

When a coalition of farmers, greenies, youth, mothers, blue-rinse Liberals, and average citizens get together to oppose the complete and total handing over of our environment to mining companies, the government doesn’t like.

Governments prefer to divide and conquer, keeping various interest groups fighting against each other in a race to the bottom.

Apparently the united effort against coal seam gas and mining in New South Wales, doesn’t sit too well with the Planning Minister, Brad Hazzard.

Under the current Liberal government farmers have lost practically every right they might have had, and if you live in the suburbs even more, coal seam gas wells are allowed no closer than 200 metres – which is only slightly larger than an AFL football field.

Brad Hazzard says, the farmers are almost irrelevant. Apparently no one needs food, and food security is not a big issue with the NSW government. Signalling the Governments loyalty, in the issue of Farmers versus Miners, the Government will side with the miners.

Although, if our power sources are so scarce that we need to rip up prime food producing land, makes you wonder why the NSW Government is so opposed to solar and wind power production, it is practically free.

Have no fear, though, farmers – all hope is not yet lost. Even though you are practically irrelevant, it does not need to be that way. Brad Hazzard has a solution for farmers:

They should buy relevance and get back in the process instead of just sniping from the sidelines.

And there we have it. Men and Women of Australia, our future is for sale, our democracy is for sale. If you can afford it, you can have everything you want. If you cannot stump up enough dosh, the politicians think you are irrelevant.

So, tell me, Mr Hazzard, just how much does it cost to get on the field of play? In round numbers, no need to be specific.

source of quote: here


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