A comment left on this blog was a threat to shoot Specific people, the Police Ignore It: Well Done Australia

Someone left a comment on this blog that was rather long and rambling, which concluded with 2 references to wanting to shoot a people belonging to a specific group. As someone who has been blogging for quite a few years, I have seen almost everything, threats of violence, sexual sadistic violence, threats to my family. Death threats rarely but they happen and you can get a sense that someone is not serious by what else they say, so they are just dismissed as going over the top. The one yesterday seemed unlike any I had seen before.

Since the comment came in rather late at night, nothing could be done until the next morning. So, first call Federal Police.

The Federal Police ask what state I am in – New South Wales. And transferred me to Victoria Police.

Since neither the person making the threat or me, live in Victoria, it was hang up and start again.

This time it was a call to NSW Police, who transferred me to the City of Sydney. I am not in the City Of Sydney, I am rural and regional. So this was another pointless transfer. I got hello… hello… hello… hello and then hung up on. The officer who answered referred to me as sweetie, so I know that he must have heard me, to know that I was female. Unless he randomly addresses males and females as sweetie.

NSW is currently in the middle of a shooting crime wave – drive-bys, random shootings, and all the Premier does is worry about graffiti. So, when the blog gets a comment that involves gun crime, especially in this political climate, is ignoring it really the best option?

As the Federal police told me, unless the person making the threat is in the same state as the person reporting it, they can’t act. But what if the target lives in the same state as the person making the threat, or a third state? This situation is ridiculous.

There is a threat to shoot specific people left as a comment on the blog and all the police can do is play games transferring me to Police who have nothing to do with it, me, or the person making threats.

When I am trying to tell you that someone is targeting a specific group of people, and the best you can do is transfer me and hang up. You don’t even want the IP of the person making threats? You don’t want to know who they want to shoot? really, No?

Makes no difference to me, I know the location of the person who left the comment, it is nowhere near me, but I am sure that there are others who live a lot closer. But I tried, the police are far from interested.

Now perhaps if the threat was made by a greenie, anti-coal protester, womens rights activist, pro-refugee activists, or animal rights activist, the police may not have hung up.


3 Comments to “A comment left on this blog was a threat to shoot Specific people, the Police Ignore It: Well Done Australia”

  1. The indifference of the police to this serious situation is disturbing. Given recent events in Norway where Anders Breivik mass murdered innocent law abiding citizens, every threat should be taken seriously and diligently investigated!
    There has always been a lesser standard for right wing violence when it comes to police investigating politically motivated violence. Remember Lionel Murphy had to ASIO to ensure they were investigating right wing troublemakers of the time and was widely criticised by the Liberal Country Party coalition of the time.
    Until we stop violent language in our everyday discourse, we create the environment for people with imagined and real grievances to take their own violent action.

  2. I thought “federal” meant that these police were not contained by borders. Clearly wrong. So we could be facing a mass catastrophe by a psycho killer that has a bent against … (whoever- insert name of target group) and no details will be collected, no preliminary checks will be carried out and people may well be at extreme risk? Does not sound right or fair to me. The Police of whichever state the massacre may occur in will simply say “we had no knowledge re the possibility of this event…”
    Must be horrible to hold onto this information and not be able to do anything about it.

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