Welcome To Australia, where the correct response to Death Threats is ‘stay classy’

When a senior Liberal went on Sky news and said, with regards to the Prime Minister: Australians… ought to be kicking her to death. (Grahame Morris 30-Apr) – social media exploded… mainstream media was completely silent.

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It is unchanged from when it was posted here, and is reproduced word for word.


12 Comments to “Welcome To Australia, where the correct response to Death Threats is ‘stay classy’”

  1. Hey, Turn Left… I think you may have just re-defined “didn’t get it” and “went over your head”.

    Now, refocus your aim on the enemy – you are shooting way too many of your comrades!

  2. Hi! I totally understand your concern in this. I agree that public death threats such as this, whether meant literally or not, should receive more serious attention. However, I feel you are misunderstanding the point of the sarcastic phrase “stay classy” in this context. This is a phrase that I myself use in the same way from time to time. Sarcasm isn’t always meant as a “joke” that people should laugh at. It’s just a tone that shows you means the opposite of what your words imply, and can be used in both funny situations and serious ones, often to point out people’s stupidity etc. In this case, the words apparently undercut the gravity of such cruel statements like those aimed at the PM, while the sarcastic tone implies that the opposite is intended. The folks in question are using sarcasm as a tool to display their disgust at what’s been said.

    I don’t think Wendy Harmer deserves your rage particularly, either, given that she even says her list makes for “shocking” reading. I do agree that insults and death threats are not the same thing, but I also think that’s far from the point. I also agree that Corinne doesn’t know what a troll is. q: But, again, not exactly the issue.

    I respect your position, but I think your anger is sorely misdirected! Perhaps you would do better to aim it exclusively at those who made the original statements rather than making a fuss over people’s responses to it (people who, I think it’s clear to see, are hardly going to argue with you if you say it’s wrong to say the PM should be killed!) – take your own advice, as it were?

    • I didnt rage at Wendy Harmer, did I? I thought the title of the article on Hoopla was another jab at the PM, and I assumed she wrote the article, she called them insults, if threatening to kill someone is an insult, someone needs to school her in what domestic violence is all about.

  3. If calling out Corinne Grant and Wendy Harmer is your idea of “bringing together voices on the left” (your stated mission according to the ‘About Us’ page on your blog) … then you’ve got a lot to learn.

    Grahame Morris is the neanderthal who thinks the PM should be kicked to death — he is the one who deserves censure.

    And Corinne Grant has a long and solid record of commitment to defending the rights of asylum seekers over many years…what exactly are your accomplishments in this regard that entitle you to look down your nose at her and Harmer?

    Rule one of success in politics: Know Your Enemy. Hint: Corinne Grant is Not Your Enemy.

    Cue leftist circular firing squad in 3…2…1…

    (And they wonder why Abbott is a hair’s breadth from the Lodge…that thought should focus your mind, hmm?)

    • Did you find the blog because Grant asked you troll it? I was never part of the original conversation, out of nowhere she calls me an idiot, I always find it somewhat funny, when people stop putting up with bullies – and someone who would use their fame to ask fans to abuse someone is a bully – suddenly they are the ones who have to put the good of the community above petty things.

  4. To quote Corinne: “Politics, politics, politics, politics. What? I said something stupid? I’m a comedian.”

  5. Any laughter directed at Harmer (since her debut) was always laced with an awkwardness.
    (Ask yourself why, not me)
    Corrine Grant is not funny any more.She was only ever mildly amusing.
    Her free ride on Wil Andersons bandwagon is well over.

    So on behalf of real comedy, please refer to these two opportunistic irrelevants as something else.
    They just aint funny.

    At least Morris has the face of a smashed in crab to add to his banal laughability.
    I think you will find he and Howard are complicit in the whole Slipper affair.
    If we had journalists in Australia,we’d know that by now.

  6. Are you seriously suggesting that I just defended violence against women in my comment? Go back and read it again! I said EXACTLY the opposite with direct reference to the Prime Minister.

    Are you inferring from Corrine Grant’s three words “Stay classy Australia” that SHE was defending violence against women? She said or inferred nothing of the kind.

    It’s apparent that you have lashed out unfairly and you’re now doubling down but just digging yourself deeper in a hole.

    If you really wish to “promote traditional ideals of social justice, peace, compassion, freedom, democracy, equality, truth and a fair go” then you need to stop unfairly attacking people who specifically or broadly support that aim too.

    • Grant said Stay Classy, with reference to 3 death threats against the PM, when pointed out that threats of assassination is not about class, Grant said she was being sarcastic. She was making a joke of 3 death threats. I am not doubling down. I am pointing out that violence against women is not a joke, just because it is a female comedian saying these things. Who have I lashed out at? And where did anyone suggest you did anything? Now you are putting words in the mouths of others

  7. I’m not normally one to jump to the defense of comedians, who often say some pretty silly things. But you’ve got this all wrong. You are attacking Corrine Grant like SHE was the one who said “Gillard should be kicked to death”. Seriously? It is obvious that her comment “Stay classy Australia” was an admittedly fairly obtuse and sarcastic way of pointing out how ugly politics has become in the last few years – particularly the undeserved animosity and threats of physical violence that have been directed at out highest public office holder. It IS decidedly “unclassy”, unfair and unparalleled. And we in Australia should expect better (eg: a little more “class”) in the behaviour of public commentators.

    I can’t believe you’ve: 1) failed to grasp that and 2) wasted several hundred words attacking Grant when you could and should have been attacking Morris.

    Geesh, Stay Classy “Turn Left”. Do you actually even know who your enemy is? Is it any wonder Gillard can’t get a break when she has the likes of you “looking out for her interests”.

    I like the woman. I think in time we will come to see that she is one of the greatest Prime Ministers in our history. And I am sure she would be smart enough to see the point Corrine Grant was making.

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