Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott side with a company that kills people, over the dead and dying

What particular company? Chemicals, nuclear waste, tobacco? In this particular case, it is James Hardy, killing Australians for nearly 100 years.

Seven directors of the company that makes the deadly asbestos, was found by the High Court to have rorted over 1.5 Billion dollars from the compensation fund.

Not content with their workers getting diseases that will kill them, these directors set about to rob them too, allegedly.

Keep this in mind, if a large corporation ever needed an Abbott-government to protect their profits over the health of Australians, Aussies don’t stand a chance.

Australia’s most famous victim of mesothelioma (cancer caused by asbestos) was Bernie Banton, who died just days after Howard’s Liberals were voted out of office, had this to say about Joe Hockey: Where was Joe Hockey when we were fighting against James Hardie, he was nowhere to be seen?

Meanwhile, Tony “People Skills” Abbott had no time for Banton, even in his final days, Abbott questioned Banton motives, even when terminally ill as being not “pure of heart”.


One Comment to “Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott side with a company that kills people, over the dead and dying”

  1. Hockey and Phoney two good old Christian boys. What a pair of misfits. It is in their DNA and the Noalition’s DNA to screw ordinary Australians and suck up to big business. That is what you get with these misfits.

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