Compare The Pair – Tony Abbott refuses to answers questions V Arrested Development Chicken Dance

When Tony Abbott was asked a question by Ch 7’s Mark Riley there was almost 20 seconds of silence and head shaking (The Tony Abbott head wobble). Silence seems to be how Tony Abbott deals with anything he doesn’t like, for example, for a man who has been running an election campaign since he lost in 2010, endlessly fronting the media, he has been strangely absent for the past several days

The Abbott video is only 42 seconds and well worth every second of it, the inadequacy of the Man who would be Dear Leader to deal with one reporter. He would have fitted in perfectly with Arrested Developments’ Chicken Dance montage (2nd video).

As the channel 7 video shows, when reporters do ask questions, the result can be one of the most famous clips in Australian politics in recent years. When reporters just parrot what Tony Abbott says, they become bland, one of many, hardly unique, and practically unwatchable.

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6 Comments to “Compare The Pair – Tony Abbott refuses to answers questions V Arrested Development Chicken Dance”

  1. And recently, when asked about how the “baby bonus” was different from the “school kid’s bonus”?. The earth shattering answer from Mr Abbott – ‘It just is’. And from Hockey – ‘You have to have a baby’. Keep that video stuff rolling so that people will wake up to the ‘alternative’. These people can keep their ‘aspirational’ sloganism to themselves. Maybe they should aspire to something else other than government.

  2. Abbott’s breakdown with Mark Riley was actually 72 seconds. The TV networks only showed an edited version.

    ‘The Australian’, 10 February 2011 Quote:

    “[Abbott] proceeded to stare and shake at Riley for 24 seconds …The Seven Network said yesterday there was an additional 48 seconds of staring, which it chose not to air.”

  3. Tony Abbott is truly the Phoney one. This thing is the quintessential bully, completely and utterly gutless when alone and confronted. The last bloke you would want to be covering your back if you were in the trenches with him. The tough guy when using other peoples lives, though of course not any of his own family. And not only that but “in your guts you know he’s nuts.” I want a leader who is calm under pressure and in a crisis and Tony the Phoney is certainly not that person. We have seen how he melts under pressure when asked a simple question from Mark Reilly, a truly pathetic effort from the “tough” guy with the glass jaw. If he did not have the media onside with him he would have been gone years ago. Australia has absolutely no need for this bloke and his gutter politics.

    • When the Canberra “riots” happened on Aust Day, PM Gillards first response was “where is Tony, lets pull together” (yes, she knew the cameras were there, who says ‘pull together’ in real life) but if it was the reverse, does anyone think Abbott would have thought of anyone but himself?
      The PM has been complete grace under pressure, the more they abuse the stronger she gets, but the media are protecting TA, if only they could tell the truth

      Abbott: Tough on boat people, weak on answering questions from the media

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