Music Monday – 3 songs about refugees in honour of Serco, paid $693 million to run detention centres

Would the attitude of Australians towards refugees be any different if people knew that the foreign multinational that is behind running the detention centres (UK’s Serco) made $693 million last year from Australian government contracts, of that $57 million was profit.

“The revenue of the company, which has the mandate to run the immigration detention services on behalf of the federal government, almost doubled from $369 million to $693 million.” (source: SMH)

There has been an “increase in detention centres from 12 to 20 across the mainland, Tasmania and Christmas Island. In the 2010-11 financial year, a total of 8874 people were taken into detention. It has also meant a lucrative new $1 billion contract for Serco, in a deal renegotiated with the government last December. A contract to manage the immigration residential housing program had blown out from $44.5 million to $85.6 million.” (source: SMH)

When we lock up refugees, Serco make money. Lots and lots of it. $693 million.

excerpt from Hilltop Hoods – Walk On

And at home we treat our refugees like criminals
‘detention centres’ just a catch-phrase for a minimal security prison

we drive gold-trim cars
down the road an Afghani kid grow up behind bars

We follow reporters with the worth of a scholar
And gather personal opinions from a rag worth a dollar

available here – Last FM Hilltop Hoods: Walk On The Calling
as much as we would like to promote Australian artists here at TL, this video is not available on You Tube for some reason…

so here is an different song from a different artist, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars who themselves were / are refugees, and formed as a band while in a refugee camp

and this one Wyclef Jean and the Fugees with No Woman, No Cry, which Jean dedicates to all the refugees worldwide

added by 99.
Source of quotes: Boat surge leads to huge profits by Michael West, for Fairfax, May 6, 2012.
Use of videos and quotes does not imply Hilltop Hoods, Wyclef Jean, The Fugees, the Sierra Leona Refugee All Stars, Michael West or Fairfax would endorse the contents of this post or blog, nor does it usurp the rights of copyright holders
Use of quote from lyrics to ‘Walk On’ comes under Fair Use of any copyright material.
Use of quote from ‘Boat surge leads to huge profits’ comes under Fair Use of any copyright material, click the link, read in the original context for more outrage about Serco.


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