Art – Is This Tony Abbott’s / LNP’s budget reply?

This is a series of photographs taken by @jot_au around the Petersham and Redfern area of Sydney, NSW.

Tony Abbott’s Defence Policy

Tony Abbott’s Education Policy

Tony Abbott’s Housing Policy

Tony Abbott’s Health Policy

Tony Abbott’s Industry and Innovation Policy

Tony Abbott’s Public Broadcasting Policy

Tony Abbott’s Communications Policy

Tony Abbott’s Urban Renewal Policy

Tony Abbott’s Road and Transport Policy

Tony Abbott’s Mining Employment Policy

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4 Comments to “Art – Is This Tony Abbott’s / LNP’s budget reply?”

  1. Good work! I enjoyed it. Thanks.

    You know what’s ironic? Most of the points you made so well would likely go over Abbott’s head. As he demonstrates again and again, he’s not the brightest kid in the class.

  2. Where’s Phoney Tony’s Immigration policy? The one where the Australian Navy tows boats back to Indonesia.

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