Federal Budget 2012 – social media reactions

Tony Abbott’s and Joe Hockey’s failure to give a coherent answer to how the Howard Government’s Baby Bonus is different from the School Kids bonus was a focus of much talk on social media sites. Abbott’s “they just are” is yet one more three word slogan that conveys very little information, and Joe Hockey’s “you have to have a baby” implies that if you do have a baby, you don’t have to get the child an education.

“They just are” is an inadequate response to a question from the man who wishes to be the next Prime Minister of this country.

Murdoch’s ‘The Australian‘ of course, could barely restrain themselves, invoking images of Stalinist Russia on their front page. Although, if this really was a Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist nation, they wouldn’t be able to make front pages like that, or if they did, they would only do it the once.

Steve Gibbons, Labor Federal MP for Bendigo
tweeted: How is this different from Baby B @TonyAbbottMP is asked They just are he says Que: Believe what I say coz I’m a Liberal We’re born to rule

Laura Tingle, Political Editor, Australian Financial Review
tweeted: how is this different from the baby bonus? tony abbott is asked ‘they just are’ he says. #answeroftheday

Latika Bourke, Political and Social Media Reporter at Parliament House
tweeted: What’s the difference between the Baby Bonus and the Schoolkids bonus? Joe Hockey ‘you have to have a baby.’ #budget

Graham Perrett, Federal Labor MP for Moreton
tweeted: …I taught for 11 years and never met a parent who found a school student, just by chance.

Tanya Plibersek, Member for Sydney
tweeted: I want to make a bumper sticker: AAAustralia – thanks Wayne!

The Budget front section – 09 May 2012 from ‘The Australian’

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2 Comments to “Federal Budget 2012 – social media reactions”

  1. This budget pic in The Australian, that so-called ‘Heart of the Nation’ (yep! A very diseased one), just adds to the reasons why I stopped reading this rag. Balanced reportage it most certainly is not. And the same tenor can be seen in ‘The Punch’ a somewhat disguised facsimile of this paper — designed to trap the unwary perhaps. Maybe a name change to The Worstralian would be appropriate.

    • agree. Newspapers don’t make money, so the only reason to own them is to dictate public opinions, if the people stopped “listening” they might go away
      -99 for Turn Left

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