Right-wing respect – 3AW’s Neil Mitchell

3AW’s talk-back shock-jock is this weeks Right-wing Respect. Surprising choice, especially for anyone who has ever listened to him. He is also an opinion columnist for the Murdoch paper, the Herald Sun.

Mitchell is also outspoken on the issue of suicide and bullying in the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning) community. Mitchell is described in the Sydney Morning Herald as a passionate gay marriage advocate.

In an interview with the Star Observer Neil Mitchell was quoted as saying: I’ve had the view if you legalised gay marriage, you would save lives tomorrow.

Joining other notable people from the Right-wing in media and politics who support rights for LGBTIQ and marriage equality – Nick Greiner (former NSW premier), David Cameron (UK prime minister), and Bill O’Reilly (USA fox broadcaster).

It just highlights PM Gillards continued refusal to accept marriage equality as even more anachronistic. Thank you Neil Mitchell.

source of quotes: Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Jock shock as Mitchell joins gay FM
Star Observer: ‘Legalise gay marriage and save lives: Mitchell

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