Response To The Budget – Comedy Gold from the Left and Right

Various responses to the Budget, and responses to those responses

Wayne Swan
tweeted: Another no-fest from @TonyAbbottMHR tonight – No to Schoolkids Bonus, No to surplus, No to policy, No to costings, No to the #FairGo

Australian Labor
tweeted: Saying “no” all the time isn’t an idea, Tony.

Liberal Party NSW
tweeted: Tony Abbott will reply to Labor’s budget of cooked books.

From the party that had the Catering company do the costing for reopening Nauru detention centres, probably shouldn’t be talking about ‘cook books’.

Anthony Albanese (Member for Grayndler)
tweeted: Not a single figure used in Budget reply by #noalition leader

Ed Husic (Federal MP for Chifley)
tweeted: … there will be figures in Tony Abbott’s response. They’re called ‘page numbers’ #FestivalofNo #auspol

Paul Howes (National Secretary of the A.W.Union)
tweeted: The Libs needs someone who can count to more than eleventy

Tony Abbott
tweeted: My message in #budgetreply will be there is nothing wrong with this country that a change of government can’t fix.

er, no voting out a government only worked last time, because people were voting OUT the LNP and voted IN the ALP

Paul Howes
tweeted: @TonyAbbottMHR “But people know there is nothing wrong in America that a good old-election cant fix” – Sarah Palin. Ring any bells Tony?

Robert Oakeshott MP
tweeted: I like the Coalitions asian language pledge tonight. Commision of Audit as well. The rest was same old noise and smear.

Craig Emerson MP
tweeted: .@OakeyMP But it was the HowardGovt that abolished Asian Languages in Australian Schools Scheme.

The Beanie Kid
tweeted: Abbott is mad! #budgetreply

Tanya Plibersek (Member for Sydney)
tweeted: Worst, most shallow, vacuous budget reply ever. Announce tax cuts with no costings, no savings. PC right on Abbott: innumerate #auspolitics

Tony Abbott
This schoolkids’ bonus doesn’t have to be spent on schools Mr Abbott said to a group of mothers yesterday, adding ‘people could go and blow [the bonus] on the club, on the pokies‘ (Gattan, in The Age)

Bill Shorten (Federal Member for Maribyrnong)
tweeted: @tonyabbottmhr @joehockey Is it not class warfare to say the poor will steal money from their children? What else is it? #fairgo #budget

Prime Minister Julia Gillard (on the speculation of a Peter Costello comeback)
to ABC Radio: it is well known that many members of the Liberal Party are very concerned about Mr Abbott’s lack of grip on economics

Scott Morrison MP
tweeted: … PM should not be seeking to malign Australians based on where they live. It’s called discrimination.

Morrison is the LiberalNational unofficial Spokes-man for White People, knows much about discrimination.

Paul Howes
tweeted: Clive Palmer says if oz was a company he’d write it off – who’d write of a comp with $1.6 trillion revenue & projected peak net debt of 9.6%

Paul Bongiorno (National Affairs Editor, Ch 10)
tweeted: Unemployment 4.9% and Clive Palmer says we have to save Australia from this criminal govt destroying the economy. Wot the?

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3 Comments to “Response To The Budget – Comedy Gold from the Left and Right”

  1. I sincerely hope that no university gives Phoney Tony and honorary doctorate — cos’ then he’ll be known as Doctor NO!

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