That’s not a class war, This is a class war

The budget is a class war! Asking the rich to pay tax is a class war! Helping struggling parents with the costs of school is a class war! Means testing government benefits to those earning half a million dollars a year is a class war!

Asking a single parent with a disabled child working whatever hours can fit in with a child’s medical care to pay for the nanny of a CEO on million dollar plus bonuses every time they offshore jobs is class warfare, but Right-wing politicians never raise a fuss or holler in defence of the poor over the rich.

If you listen to the right-wing, over-entitled, hand-in-the-pocket of the taxpayer, politicians everything that helps the poor, the working class and disadvantaged is a class war. Even mentioning the North Shore of Sydney by the Prime Ministers is met with the response of class war.

No, that is not what class war is.

This is.

When the poor and downtrodden rise up and start hacking the heads off the rich and elitist at the guillotine, and display their heads like trophies on pikes at the city borders, then we will have achieved class warfare.

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image of The French Revolution (English title of art: The execution of Robespierre and his supporters on 28 July 1794) via wikipedia, which says that it is no longer in copyright


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