Happy Mothers Day, Prime Minister, from Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph – now enjoy this picture of Abbott’s children

An article in the Murdoch-owned The Daily Telegraph ‘Labor’s $5 deal to woo back supporters to the party‘ which was all about the ALP campaign to build An Abbott Proof Fence by offering $5 membership.

That is basically what the article was about – $5 ALP membership. Yet, the picture that ran with this story was a large photo of Tony Abbott with his daughters. The daughters were not mentioned in the story. The use of Abbott’s children would have been seen as exploitative in any other context. Which makes the use of this photo with this story a strange choice.

With thousands of other pictures of the Man Who Thinks He Should Be Prime Minister to choose from, whether in Parliament or wearing a hard hate, there is absolutely no logical reason to use Abbott’s family picture with this article.

So, on Mother’s Day, the Murdoch paper displays a picture of Tony Abbott’s children, is this an oh so subtle reference to the chidlfree status of our Prime Minister.

added by 99.
use of screen grab from the Daily Telegraph is used for critique purposes, and is a lower resolution than the original
use of link to, image from and quote from the Daily Telegraph is in no way intended to imply that Tony Abbott, his daughters, the ALP, or the newspaper would in anyway endorse the contents of this post or blog


3 Comments to “Happy Mothers Day, Prime Minister, from Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph – now enjoy this picture of Abbott’s children”

  1. I wouldn’t vote for the Liberal Party and I wouldn’t read the Daily Telegraph.

  2. Do people still actually read News Limited papers? I stopped ages ago. Most biased, partisan rags you can experience. And they keep pretending that Murdoch doesn’t set the paper’s policy!

    • Do they? Yes, they do, it has way more celebrities in bikinis, way more sport, and it’s cheaper – besides, it’s all the same news as the other paper, right?
      -99 for Turn Left

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