Social Media Fail – Insulting a popular politician from a business account

@cappuccinoafloa: these days I have more time in tweeting @ #dickheads like @KKeneally. another sell off. y dont u sell yr house and get out of our suburb

Kristina Keneally: “@cappuccinoafloa: #dickheads like @KKeneally. y dont u sell yr house & get out of our suburb” Wow. Your charm must sell lots of coffees.

There was a lot of anger towards Kristina Keneally, the former NSW premier, in the dying days of her government.

However, since then, she has been seen as a hard-working, dedicated local member, who supports her community, women in sport, marriage equality, the Stillbirth foundation, is occasionally controversial on ALP policies, and sassy and funny on Twitter, and gained a lot more fans over time.

The comment from the coffee-seller was unnecessary and petty, and to say that from a business account, perhaps may cause one or two customers to rethink where they get their daily caffeine hit.

Unless it was not a mistake. Perhaps this business is doing so well they don’t care if they alienate potential customers.

Although, if I wanted politics with my coffee, I’d shop at Gloria Jeans for a dose of Hillsong with my soyachinno.


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