Abbott sued for defamation – his vote is tainted, he must stand down

Tony Abbott has systematically targeted the most powerful unions in the country, in an attempt to destabilise them in order to undermine their support for Labor. Abbott has said he will reintroduce Australian Building and Construction Commission which removed workplace rights for people in the construction industry.

As part of Abbott’s crusade against CFMEU, he made some comments about a Victorian Union official, which were not appreciated.

Under the headline ‘Union official sues Abbott for defamation’.

A senior Victorian construction union official is suing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for defamation.
In a writ lodged in the Victorian Supreme Court today, John Setka, assistant secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, accuses Mr Abbott of defaming him in remarks made at a Master Builders conference.

The full story is on the Fairfax website, here

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2 Comments to “Abbott sued for defamation – his vote is tainted, he must stand down”

  1. Absolutely! And he should be vilified in parliament, and Whiney Pyne should complian vociferously about his unsuitability for high office and that he should be expelled from the house etc, etc. Hang on! That might suggest that Whiney wants his job!

    • Might not be so bad for Whiney Pyney to get the top job, he wouldn’t last as long as the Rabid Dog, then Bishop and she can be rolled, and so on and so on – their incompetence on display
      – 99 for Turn Left

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