Ross Gittins Says – Spreading the love to buy votes? So what, it was about time

In this reflection on the Budget, Ross Gittins the Economics editor for Fairfax talks about the Robin Hood budget

the aspirational voter: people who don’t mind seeing the better-off favoured by the government because they hope to be better off themselves one day.

If the public’s reaction to this budget is any guide, we have either all become aspirationals or, more likely, a lot of people don’t know which side their bread is buttered on. Wayne Swan brings down a Robin Hood budget and, according to last week’s Age poll, 43 per cent of respondents think it will leave them personally worse off and only 27 per cent expect to be better off. Talk about living in a fog.

Read the full article: ‘Spreading the love to buy votes? So what, it was about time

The only people who should be complaining about being worse off are the ultra-rich, the faceless-billionaires, the people who regularly make the Rich-List yet never seem to pay tax – and that is not the majority of Australians.

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2 Comments to “Ross Gittins Says – Spreading the love to buy votes? So what, it was about time”

  1. Ross Gittins is about the only economics columnist around that provides rational, well research and balanced discussions. He’s always a pleasure to read and on reading his articles I end up with a better understanding of the ins and outs of economics. Should be named an Australian National Treasure!

    • Agree, much better to read economics articles from an economist than by a gossip columnist interpreting what Tony Abbott says!
      we try to do a “Ross Gittins Says” post occasionally, just to alert people who steer clear of MSM, when he has a new article
      – 99 for Turn Left

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