Look Who Is Funding The Australian Liberal Party – Big Tobacco

Nicola Roxon, MP for Gellibrand and the Australian Attorney General is being honoured by an anti-tobacco group in Washington for her and the Labor party’s work in trying to introduce plain packing for cigarettes. (‘Washington honours Roxon, global champion in anti-tobacco battle‘)

One of the things Roxon will talk about in her speech is how the tobacco corporations are fighting back, so desperately against plain-packaging, that British American Tobacco gave 97 per cent of its global political donations to the Australian Liberal Party as it campaigned against the rules.

Do we even need to think about that for more than a minute – the fact that the Australian Liberal Party would greedily accept these donations, tell us all we need to know about the LNP.

Nothing, it seems, will ever get in the way of a Liberal party member and power, not even the health and well-being of Australians. 50% of the people who smoke will die from smoking related diseases – and the Liberal party are perfectly fine with accepting their money. Does it bother their consciences? It seems like the LNP are completely lacking any conscience to be bothered.

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4 Comments to “Look Who Is Funding The Australian Liberal Party – Big Tobacco”

  1. Except these figures just appear to be bullshit.
    Just have a look at the donations page for BAT which can be found here – http://www.bat.com/group/sites/uk__3mnfen.nsf/vwPagesWebLive/DO726K82?opendocument&SKN=1 This shows a total of £209,104 in political donations, of which only £63,310 went to Australia.

    Not to mention that the Australian Electoral commission Audited return for the Liberal party have their donation received from BAT as $19,800 Detail here http://periodicdisclosures.aec.gov.au/Returns/24/DSRY1.pdf

    A nice big page showing a totally unsubstantiated allegation.

    (Not that I expect that this post will remain here for long)

    • oh Sigh, its been what 3 hours and the right wing, pro cancer, hate squad are out trolling social media sites – you expect, you expect, your arrogance is unbelievable, that post has been there for three months, the figures quoted came from the Labor Attorney General, Nicola Roxon, it is substantiated, it’s not coming down

      but I don’t expect an apology any time soon

  2. What is the source of the information stating 97%?

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