oh ABC, you funny and increasingly irrelevant thing

Yes, Disco Diva, Donna Summer passed away. Yes, her song ‘Love To Love You Baby‘ is famous for its 20-or-so orgasmic sounding moans. But her influence on Australian culture is minimal at best.

So this picture is just another nail in the coffin of what was once an important institution in Australian news, as it degenerates further and further into total irrelevance.

Is this why the ABC can no longer carry any press conference with the Prime Minister without cutting away for a very important message from their sponsor (which given the amount of unquestioned airtime they have received recently, apparently their sponsor is the Liberal-Nationals), or technical difficulties? All the work experience kiddies are too busy scraping images of disco queens off Google-image search.

Is this what the ABC is reduced to when it no longer has Tony Abbott says as their default lead news story?

Hasn’t Scott Morrison, spokes-man for white people got any refugees to demonise? What about Chrissy Pyne, don’t you think his absence is worth a story or two? Or maybe Kathy Jackson of the HSU and her boyfriend, head of the FWA being BFF’s with Tony Abbott, not even a line? (alert: Kathy Jackson link has loud ads, you cant switch off)

How many more examples of just how irrelevant ABC is can be squeezed into one picture?
1. Pintrest
2. Facebook like button
3. Donna Summer in pictures – not words
4. ABC news logo
5. a full story on ABC news website

ABC hasn’t just jumped the shark, it has pulled on the gold lamé hot pants, rainbow glitter halter top, the platform shoes and done the hustle, as it is cha-cha’s right out the building of Quality News.

added by 99.
image of the ABC pintrest page used without permission, but should come under the critique section of the fairuse of copyright
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3 Comments to “oh ABC, you funny and increasingly irrelevant thing”

  1. Absolutely correct. If you take away their copy of the-Australian and deny them the daily quote of what Mr-Rabbit says, Ultimo goes into meltdown. The fawn cardigans at my ABC are too entrenched in the Limited-News spin cycle.

    On the HSU, forget the embedded media. Go visit Wixxy. He is the only one doing proper reporting on the Thom`p`son /HSU-saga. It starts here ..

    and continues in Wixxys `HSU-SAGA` category.

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