Tony Abbott’s Ugly Side at University

Two sides from Tony Abbott from University – some things never change.

Abbott was a grown adult when he said and did these things, and got away with them. These are not childish opinions he will grow out of. This is who he really is. And if there are any voters who think he has changed… zebras never change their stripes.

This one is recollections from students who knew him while he was at University. In this article ‘Fellow students recall a champion of the right’ students reveal what they knew.

One student described Mr Abbott as a “warrior on the Right” believes he was the one most responsible for creating the atmosphere of terror that reigned on campus in 1977.

Another says how Tony used to stand outside the women’s room with his right-wing mates and loudly tell sexist and homophobic jokes.

For more stories from those who knew him way back when, for the full story: Fellow students recall a champion of the right.

The other side of Tony Abbott is from this ABCTV’s Nationwide program 20 March 1979, how left-wing students are bringing down the standards of university and are a hotbed of left-wing thought.

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3 Comments to “Tony Abbott’s Ugly Side at University”

  1. Now that sounds like the real Phoney Tony currently hiding behind is ‘try and be nice to everybody’ facade. The adage is usually ‘a leopard never changes his spots’ but in this case I’d prefer ‘once a dung beatle, always a dung beatle’!

    • makes his Nanny-Giveaway saying “I’ve suddenly realised how hard working women have it” or his Gay-friendly conversion the same weekend his sister went public when Murdoch’s paper tried to portray him as the most gay-friendly politician in Aust as just spin – this is who Abbott really is, he wasn’t a child, it’s not something you can ‘grow out of’, Abbott was an adult.
      -99 for Turn Left

  2. Ugly bastard inside and out

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