Craig Thomson Addresses the Parliament

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At midday, Canberra time, Craig Thomson, MP for Dobell, gave an hour-long address to Parliament.

He dealt with the spurious accusations against him.

The media is dominated by self-important commentators, not reporters Thomson said.

Thomson suggested the Canberra press gallery think they are CSI but in reality are Inspector Clouseau, the bumbling detective from the Pink Panther films.

He choked up talking how churnalists from Channel 7 were hovering under his bathroom window while his pregnant wife was showering.

Tony Abbott, the Opposition and the media had completely abandoned the presumption of innocence, and replaced it with populism, which he compared to an Abbott Junta.

The MP said about Tony Abbott what you’ve done is not damage an individual. You’ve damaged democracy

As Thomson said: Abbott is Unfit to be a Prime Minister – Unfit to be an MP


2 Comments to “Craig Thomson Addresses the Parliament”

  1. Go Thommo! It’s time you had your say.

    Your assessment of Abbott and the “self-important commenters” who comprise his mendacious, unprincipled cheer squad is spot on. I don’t quite agree with the Inspector Closeau analogy; The unrelenting viciousness of the character assassination by both the msm and the opposition, bears none of the cheerful clumsiness of the bumblng Closeau, but has all the sinister hallmarks of a KGB operation.

    Abbott and the party he leads, together with their goon squad the msm, have indeed damaged democracy and the rule of law in their fanatical desire for power.

    • Unfortunately, the media perhaps will get more vicious because he got in a few kicks, and will want to bring him down regardless of what that means for our democracy.
      -99 for Turn Left

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