Doug Cameron: Murdoch press a threat to democracy

In an interview from November 2011, Senator Doug Cameron made the following statements regarding the undue influence of the Murdoch media on Australian politics, even though it was six months ago, as time goes on, these comments are becoming more salient.

The Murdoch press are an absolute disgrace, they are a threat to democracy in this country and we should absolutely be having a look at them.

They run unsubstantiated stories. I’m saying it’s a fabrication. They run unsubstantiated stories in relation to the leadership of the party.

We should not be diverted by the Murdoch press and their attempt to destabilise this government. This is a good government. It doesn’t suit Rupert Murdoch and his minions and we are prepared to take that on.

Day in and day out the Murdoch press are putting false headlines out there. They are misrepresenting the position of the government. Day in and day out it’s absolute lies and nonsense that is getting printed in the Murdoch press, and that’s the issue.

You can’t tell me that the culture that permeates the Murdoch press internationally has not permeated Australia. I don’t buy that for one minute.

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all quotes by Doug Cameron were sourced from Murdoch press a threat to democracy: Cameron, use of quotes does not imply that the ALP, Doug Cameron or Rupert Murdoch, or any Murdoch hack would endorse the contents of this post or blog


One Comment to “Doug Cameron: Murdoch press a threat to democracy”

  1. Onya Dougie. With luck the Merdeochracy will fall soon.

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