‘I like it both ways’ – For Tony Abbott who likes it both ways (Music Monday)

Dr Craig Emerson (Federal Member for Rankin) has pointed out the inconsistencies in the Federal Opposition demanding that Thomson and Slipper step aside, while supporting people like the convicted Mary Jo Fisher and now the accused Bill Heffernan, who is accused of assault. Surely Heffernan’s vote is just as “tainted”?

Craig Emerson has said that Under the principles the Labor government has supported and continues to support Senator Heffernan is entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence

However, presumption of innocence is something the Labor party supports, the Liberal party it seems prefer ‘innocent unless accused by Murdoch media‘, and if Abbott applied the same principals that hysterically demands of the Labor party, Heffernon would be stood aside.

Dr Emerson said Mr Abbott should refuse to accept Senator Heffernan’s tainted vote, he will stand him down from chairing the relevant Senate committee and he will move to dismiss Senator Heffernan from the Liberal Party.

For the leader of the Opposition to expect differently from Heffernan as he has demanded of Thomson and Slipper is a double standard Mr Abbott seeks to have one principle for the Liberal Party and one principle for the rest of Australia the Labor minister for Trade and Competitiveness has said.

Mr Abbott can’t have it both ways – Craig Emerson

Supernaught – I Like It Both Ways

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use of quotes does not imply that the ALP, Craig Emerson, Supernaught, Bill Heffernan, Tony Abbott or anyone else referred to in this post would endorse the contents of this post or blog


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