Sometimes we need to reassess what we are fighting for

Having decided I was thoroughly fed up with the games they are playing in Canberra, I investigated joining a political party. If this country was going to be sold out from under us, to foreign mining companies, greedy lawyers and who knows who else, then I was going to go down fighting.

No retreat, baby, No surrender… as Bruce Springsteen sang.

I was all fired up, Game On.

Until I got to the how to join pages on the websites of the major political parties
Liberal (and you pissed me off in a big way having a pdf page)

Really? This is what it costs to join a political party? So much for democracy – only if you can pay for it.

I work in community service, my wage is so appalling low that if someone told me that I owed my manager for turning up to work I wouldn’t be surprised.

And what do you people in Canberra and various state capitals do with our money – fund your lavish lifestyles. We sacrifice our hard earned money, our time, our energy – to help you people get jobs.

That is basically what we do when we join a party. We help set you up for life, a lush pension, privileges and a gravy train that never stops.

Then when you finally get the job, that our support helped you get (campaigning, etc) you kick us in the teeth by playing games and point scoring – you don’t govern, you don’t have the best interests of our nation in your heart. The only thing you care about is the size of your bank accounts. And how to keep the money rolling in for another three years.

The Liberals want to take away all our rights. The Labors are too gutless to fight for us. The Greens – do they even have policies?

For all the hours and hours a week put in by many on the Left, supporting candidates, parties, policies, our elected representatives seem unwilling to fight for us, or even support us.

Some days it feels like I am nothing more than a walking ATM, slaving away in the virtual sweatshop of left wing blogging. No respect, and probably not one thing I’ve ever written or image I’ve ever created has ever made a difference.

This country is going to hell in a hand bag, Labor? Liberal? does it make a difference. Not really, the only difference is the colours on the how-to-vote cards at election time – which, funny enough is just about the only time politicians ever care about the little people

The Craig Thomson situation has killed my interest in politics. We, the public, are just playthings, to legitimise your greed and avarice. That’s ok, the public voted for us, let’s do another deal with another big business person so they don’t have to pay taxes, that’s what the little people are for, we can always raise the retirement age – for them – if we run out money to waste.

Labor and Greens do not do anything to earn my support, you (and I mean Labor here) can’t even stand by your own MPs, if that is how you treat your own, your supporters wouldn’t fair any better.

If I’m going to end up a Serf in my own country, then I’d rather the man holding the whip is someone I can despise, not someone who tries to tell me they are my friend.

Ha, join a political party? What a joke, I’m giving up slaving away in the blog-mines for a party that takes its supporters for granted. Pay for a PR company like everyone else, if you want someone to promote you.

And as for paying you to become a member? None of you red, green, blue, yellow, deserve it. I’m switching off the radio, logging out of the social media accounts, turning off the TV, and I’m buying chocolate… and will probably be a lot happier in the end for that decision.

by 99 for Turn Left

7 Comments to “Sometimes we need to reassess what we are fighting for”

  1. Mate please do not let these bastards beat you. Precisely what these grubby Tories want. You are my first read of a morning and I admire your tenacity in taking the fight to the conservatives . You have heaps of like minded friends out here. Never read major papers any more because of their lies and distortions and it is sites like yours that actually give us the truth. Never give up. Solidarity forever.

    • Just took last night off, couldn’t hear the word “Thomson” one more time without throwing something at the tv/radio/computer. Thanks for your comment

      It is far better to be defeated while attempting to implement Labor policies than to be defeated after surrendering them. I do not believe we can win by surrendering these or, if by any chance we did win, that winning would be worthwhile. Jim Cairns, 1975

      -99 for Turn Left

  2. thanks, chocolate eaten, batteries recharged, boots on, & back on the field … as Anthony Albanese said “I like fighting Tories. That’s what I do.”
    -99 for Turn Left

  3. Ooooh! Just love the rant. Biggest bunch of venal, self-serving, parasites ever to deface Australian democracy.

    Politics is derived from two words – poly meaning many, and tics, meaning small blood sucking insects. – Chris Clayton.

    Now there’s a few true words, said in jest!

  4. PS Like the video. More like Winsor would be good.

  5. I managed to get a concession old age helps. The state of things at the moment with abbott is so rank I had to do something , might not do any good but this shit with Thomson who I am inclined to think is being set up is the last straw. There are a lot of good people putting in the hours with the Labor mob. There must be some fuckers but the other mob appear to think it’s their right to rule and they truly dislike any who dont support the right of the bosses to do whatever they please to make money. Besides they have MURDOCH on their side and I hope if Labor win next time they will dismantle his propaganda machine and throw stones at all his houses and go to his farm and let all the chooks out. I enjoy your tweets. Buy the chocky. Keep Blogging its the alternative for us that can no longer read newspapers because of the rubbish in them. Soon we might not even have an ABC. Best wishes.

  6. 99 Please dont be disillusioned, that’s just what the pricks want!!

    I cant speak for anyone else, but I can happily declare that the Turn Left 2013 blog has inspired me, angered me, and lit my raging fire of discontent. I’m not sure what difference I can make, but I think the most important thing any of us can do is share knowledge….loud and often………it’s obvious that my kids wont learn anything from the MSM aside from how to dress like a tart or how to wear their jeans halfway down their arse!

    Anyway – keep inspiring, keep investigating and Keep Left!



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