Which Side Has The Most Tainted Votes? Turn Lefts response to The Daily Derp

There is a line in Alice In Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) where Alice is trying to do maths –

Let me see: four times five is twelve, and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is – oh dear! I shall never get to twenty at that rate!

This is not an example of Liberal Party Maths or Hockeynomics, this is non-decimal base. Unlike the Liberal Party which seems to have adopted their own counting system when talking about tainted votes.

Tainted votes is that strange concept whereby the Government must reject the vote of anyone accused of a crime (or misdemeanour, or wrong-doing, or allegations, or simply the victim of a The Australian smear campaign), but the Opposition would happily use that so-called tainted vote to bring down the Government.

Joe Hockey has not ruled out accepting Craig Thomson’s vote in a vote of no confidence against the government, despite the Coalition calling on the government to reject his ‘tainted vote’.
Source: ‘Hockey won’t rule out accepting Thomson’s vote‘ SMH

So, just how many tainted votes are there?

What? There is more than just Thomson? But the media only want to talk about Thomson, surely he would be the only one?

Actually… No.

This article from The Daily Derp, ‘Which Side Has The Most Tainted Votes?‘ takes a thorough look at the actual numbers, to see whether the Government or The Opposition has the most tainted votes, and unlike the Liberal party, the Derp can count.

Tony Abbott has made much ado lately about tainted votes in Parliament. Let’s examine just how many tainted votes each side actually has.

By The Derp’s reckoning there are a total of 8 tainted votes between the House Of Representatives and The Senate.

For the full article and to see just exactly who in the Liberal Party should stand aside, click Which Side Has The Most Tainted Votes? (and a big thank you to Dan for writing that post).

quote from Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, Chapter 2
if you like numbers, the answers to the riddle are: four times five is twelve in base 18, four times six is thirteen in base 21, four times seven can be fourteen in base 24


2 Comments to “Which Side Has The Most Tainted Votes? Turn Lefts response to The Daily Derp”

  1. Hockeynomics is based on advanced mathematics which operates in pi dimensions and is calculated using the hexisequinominidecimal notation. eg: A $50 billion black hole is actually a 15% increase in parliamentatarians salaries.

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