Trolled by a The Australian “journo” – oh poor petal if you feel attacked

You can crush a man with journalism. ~ William Randolph Hearst

A random tweet from the Turn Left twitter seems to have come to the attention of a The Australian… (what do you call someone who works for The Australian… a hack?) writer.

Turn Left: anyone else appalled at hypoocrisy of anyone in the media saying that they are concerned abt effect frenzied media having on pollies health

*Hypocrisy was deliberately misspelled in that tweet.

This was in response to an ABC or an SBS tweeter talking about her concern for a particular politician pushed to the brink by a recent media frenzy. That tweet has since been deleted.

But the Turn Left tweet does not mention any particular politician, events, party, state or federal, in fact “pollies” could be plural.

Also, any person who is subject to a media frenzy does not any extra attention.

@betty_of_bondi: @turnleft2013 Get a grip. Not everyone in the media has written about it

Get a grip – strange reaction to a fairly innocuous tweet, suggests there was something ungripped about calling attention to media hypocrisy

Not everyone in the media has written about it – so unless every single person in the media writes about something, the general term “the media” can’t be applied? Laughable.

And as for written about it – there was no reference to anyone in the original tweet, for you to think there is an IT, and troll a left wing blogger to defend yourself, is just another over reaction from a bloated old criminal (being the Murdoch media empire, I have no specific knowledge that Betty of Where-ever has been convicted or charged with any offence).

In the big picture, this was a meaningless exchange. In the smaller picture, why would someone feel the need to tweet grubby little tweets to Left-wing bloggers… A touch defensive maybe?

The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable, and literature is not read ~ Oscar Wilde


6 Comments to “Trolled by a The Australian “journo” – oh poor petal if you feel attacked”

  1. A Match! A Match! Craig Thomson, Phoney Tony, Whiney Pyne, NO Coalition, the News media & Crocodile Tears!

    ‘The aim of so much journalism is to exploit the moral prejudices of the reader, to say nothing of those of the proprietor’. — Gore Vidal.

    ‘Freedom of the press means freedom to print such of the proprietor’s prejudices as the advertiser’s don’t object to!. — Hannen Swaffer

    • Not even sure why she felt the need to comment – no names were mentioned in the TL tweet, yet she talked about “It”, that is some chip on her shoulder, ha – good quotes too
      -99 for Turn Left

  2. The scribblers employed by the msm can see, much better than any of us, just how quick the public are at large are abandoning them. Ratings are falling, circulations are falling off cliffs, even though they give away thousands of papers everyday.

    Journalists can’t grasp the concept of free enterprise….if your product is crap, people wont buy it, wont watch it….simple as that.

    News organisations are like junk food factories. They take in raw, cheaply sourced, debatable quality produce and then over process it, extract any remaining nutrients, add huge quantities of blandness, wrap it in tatty, garish packaging and flog it off cheaply.

    It is well past time that Australian journalists understood, and owned up to the fact that they are factory hands. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    If they aren’t, does anyone think that the political debate in this country would be so debased?

    • newspaper owners don’t run them to make money, they buy them to influence public opinion, and the only people who can afford it, are the likes of Gina, Clive, Rupert. We still need journalists but they have to do their jobs, while they are being forced to produce story after story, like it was a media sweatshop – first not best, breaking stories not well researched, we will all be the losers. Is the journalists who are dumbing down media, and the old hands have to dumb it down to match those newer faces, or is it the owners who want their opinions rather than facts.
      -99 for Turn Left

      • I don’t believe they are being forced to do anything. Dumbing down stories or not. They do it because they choose to do it. They choose not to research properly, they choose to write to the editorial dictate, they choose to obfuscate truth and promote the lie. They choose the junkfood option. They choose the factory.

        They could choose to have the courage of ethics, the strength of morality and the bravery to stand up. They don’t. They want the factory.

        Journalism may once have been founded on courage, ethics, morality and the internal strength of the individual. Not anymore. They just want to keep the production line in the factory moving.

      • between murdoch and abc (which is basically a murdoch subsidiary these days) there is very little media owned by anyone else, Gina has her iron fist on Sydney Morning Herald – if I was a journo working for any major outlet, I would perhaps spin my stories too in order to keep my job… But then, when all the media is producing the same stories, you would think someone would be different, but they aren’t, and it is the nauseating sameness that is causing readers / viewers to turn off, they are killing their own futures.
        -99 for Turn Left

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