Another Question Time, Another Censure Motion – Classics Flashback

Paul Keating Vs. John Howard – Censure Motion Reply


6 Comments to “Another Question Time, Another Censure Motion – Classics Flashback”

  1. Keating, How we miss you. Now that’s how it’s supposed to be done.

  2. Pure gold. If it is possible that the current bunch of misfits under Abbott is worse than the Howard’s misfits then we have reached that point. Abbott’s misfits are more hideous and reprehensible than there has ever been in our history. And they have their lickspittles in the media in lockstep with them. If this creep Abbott and his misfits ever come to power Australia will go back to the Dark Ages without a doubt. A truly scary prospect. Abbott the Maggot!!!!!

    • Abbott and his mob are worse, but the quality of Labor in QT does not match PJK in his prime. Abbott is dragging the Right, to the extreme right and his party through the gutter. He has to go, but there is no one on the Left who would do to him what the Right are doing to the member for Dobell.
      -99 for Turn Left

  3. Keating was dead right. The Howard years took us back to the 50’s — Nasty little man!

    Where are the Keating’s of today — usurped by ugly venal, self serving non-entities.

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