Rob Oakeshott: The murky legacy of past Parliaments

In an opinion piece for FairFox, Peter ‘Too Gutless To Challenge’ Costello put the boot in to the Independent Member for Lyne (Sunshine House becomes lost in the sleazy shadows)

Oakeshott can’t really believe this “different” Parliament is a better one. He doesn’t need more sunlight to see that. Maybe he should just take off his sunglasses and open his eyes.

In response, Rob Oakeshott (Ind, Lyne, NSW), strikes back. Using facts, figures and truth rather than grubby insults.

If copyright allowed, I would quote just about every sentence that Oakeshott wrote. It is gold.

Oakeshott even takes a minor diversion to smack down the Liberal Party and media frenzy against the Minister for Dobell, using the facts and common sense.

Here is an extract,

Much of the sleaze that this 43rd Parliament is exposing happened in the 40th Parliament, when Mr Costello was deputy Liberal leader in government.

this power-sharing government hasn’t stopped further success, having secured AAA ratings from the three big ratings agencies and, for the first time in 40 years, having unemployment, inflation and the cash rate all below 5 per cent.

Sure, sunlight can be damaging – but it sure beats the darkness of Parliaments past.

Source: The murky legacy of past Parliaments
Rob Oakeshott – May 24, 2012

2 Comments to “Rob Oakeshott: The murky legacy of past Parliaments”

  1. Well well good old Pete, all tip and no iceberg as Paul Keating said. This bloke would have to have been the most gutless politician Australia has ever seen. The typical tough guy, but only when everything was going his way. An utter tart when the going got tough. Paul Keating said he was a “low altitude flyer” and he was so correct. Another creep just like Abbott the Maggot who didn’t do the hard yards, he just expected it to happen. So silver spoon. Keating also said he was the laziest Treasurer we ever had, just lay in the hammock all day swinging in the breeze. Never got to be the World’s Best Treasurer like Wayne Swan. just another whingeing,cringing and pathetic silver tail. Jeez I fucking hate these Liberal misfits.

    • All Oakey had to do was state the facts, and social media were all over his piece. Yes it was because Costello launched the first grenade, but its a good example of how to defend yourself and your ideals, something a lot in Govt have been less than enthusiastic about recently. The facts, said clearly, should make a difference, but they don’t always. We need more Keatings and Faulkners and less pollywaffle.
      -99 for Turn Left

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