When Tony Met Gina… and what Wayne ‘Triple A’ Swan had to say

Gina Rinehart, recently named as the Worlds Richest Woman (though, possible not among the worlds biggest tax payers), seen here with Tony Abbott, just what do we think there are talking about?

Maybe offering Gina more largesse from the public coffers? Tony just wants to give Gina a tax-cut… all night long.

Gina is whispering sweet nothings into Tony Abbott’s shell-like ear, perhaps because any sentence with verbs and nouns, and more than three words is likely to confuse him.

As Wayne Swan, the World’s Best Treasurer, said we celebrate wealth creation in this country but we want even more people to have a stake in our success and we don’t think the world’s richest woman needs the tax cut Mr Abbott has promised her …We are spreading the benefits of the boom by ensuring all Australians benefit from the resources everyone owns, not just a fortunate few.


2 Comments to “When Tony Met Gina… and what Wayne ‘Triple A’ Swan had to say”

  1. Once Gina gets on the board of Fairfax will we see a change of policy direction in news reportage, or should I say news spin? Hey she might even bring in some off-shore workers to fill the journo positions. You just never know!

    • would serve the gossip columnists right, if they found their jobs outsourced, and FairFOX has changed already, once Gina wields more power, it will be indistinguishable from Murdoch
      -99 for Turn Left

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