A message from -99- the editor: I am enlisted for the duration

by 99

On Friday I was asked to promote a for-profit blog, one that I have seen people donating more than my weekly wage to fund. I sacrifice at least 30 hours a week to Turn Left, writing, researching, creating images, editing, and now I have to promote someone else?

I have been counting my pennies to determine what chocolate or music download I can sacrifice to find the dollars required to join a political party (I am a farmer, with a part time job because the weather makes farming precarious, no, we are not well paid) and being asked to promote someone who is making money from blogging is a slap in the face to the time, energy and thinking that I put in to TL.

This is a scheduled post. I’ve got a wedding today, and those vegan timtam clones I’ve been skipping to save pennies for my political-party-membership-fund means that I look extra stunning in my white satin dress. Also, I will be taking a few days off, there are other scheduled posts ready to go out, because the fight never ends, but comments and twitter will not be monitored.

As Kevin Rudd said we need to fight “to prevent Mr Abbott from inflicting on Australia the ravages of the most extreme Right-wing government that the country will have ever seen”.

However, when I get back, I will reassess if blogging for Turn Left the best use of my time, given that I am being asked to help drum up support for someone with the same message which they are also making money from, while I do it for the passion and because I believe in what I’m fighting for.

And, as Bob Carr said, when selected for the Senate “I am enlisted for the duration” (just not during honeymoons).

No, Turn Left is not closing, 99 is not walking away, just taking a few days for something temporarily more important.


2 Comments to “A message from -99- the editor: I am enlisted for the duration”

  1. Dear 99.

    Congratulations. Enjoy the break. You deserve it. J

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