WWDWD – ‘What Would Doctor Who Do?’ about Australian Politics

In the 2005 episode ‘The Christmas Invasion’ Ten (David Tennant’s Doctor Who) is unhappy with the way the Prime Minister has handled the alien invasion, and furiously tells the PM he can bring down her government with one word, then corrects himself, 6 words. With that, he says to the PMs advisor those six words: Don’t you think she looks tired?.

So, who in Australian politics looks tired? Not the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard looks full of energy. No, it is Tony Abbott who is looking very tired these days, and slightly unhinged with all his shouty ranty repeating himself, tirades.

Tony Abbott: Don’t you think he looks tired?


4 Comments to “WWDWD – ‘What Would Doctor Who Do?’ about Australian Politics”

  1. Abbott is the schoolyard bully who is getting seriously unhinged because Julia and Craig just will not do do what Phoney and his misfits wants. I just love the unhinginig of this bat shit crazy nutter. All these Suspension of Standing Orders and his attempted censure motions, the complete backing of them MSM, his puff piece interviews and Julia Gillard is still standing tall and proud as well as Craig Thomson. You betcha batshit is looking tired, he is just getting more and more fucked in the head because nobody will play ball with the nutter.

  2. Will Phoney Tony crack under the strain of not getting his own way. One should never wish evil on anyone! Well. . . . . . in this particular case surely and exception could me made?

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