FFS ABC STFU (in others words, stop your nonsense ABC)

The smarter the journalists are, the better off society is… to a degree, people read the press to inform themselves – and the better the teacher, the better the student body.
Warren Buffett

And yet, somehow, we in this country have nothing except 70% Murdoch merde, the increasingly Murdoch-like ABC, and the Gina FairFOX.

So when this piece of gossip appears on the ABC website, most people were probably doing a double-take, had they been link-jacked (clicked on one thing and get directed without their knowledge) to a Murdoch site?

headline: Quit for your own good, Abbott tells Thomson (May 25, 2012)
first paragraph: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says MP Craig Thomson should quit Parliament for the good of himself and his family.
screen grab edited to remove gratuitous images of a certain politician

Now, I have some questions for the ABC – have they ever run a story from the Member for Dobells perspective? Because it seems like just about every story they have run on this issue is from the perspective of how it benefits Abbott, and how it discredits the ALP.

How does the continued reporting on Abbott’s opinions on the Member for Dobell actually help anyone, especially as Abbott says, he is concerned for the MP and his family? Surely if Abbott was concerned, he would stop talking about it.

And, another question, it’s something that is becoming more obvious with the ABC, their urls. The original title gets left, when the title that goes to print is changed. This one was originally possible new Thommo stuff, (quality reporting there!) and that just about sums up what this whole saga means for ABC.

Time for the ABC to leave this story alone and get something else to report on.


2 Comments to “FFS ABC STFU (in others words, stop your nonsense ABC)”

  1. Sadly the ‘merde’ is contagious, spreading like a cancer through the media as they all seek to capture the audience and the 1 minute 30 second news grab.
    How can it be changed? Find the journalists that are questioning, professional, and ethical. These days a bit like looking for a virgin in a house of ill repute!

    • All we can do is wait for Rupy to die, and hope the kids prefer money to media.
      I dont know if youre on twitter, if so you may have seen this analogy… its like all the stores are selling icecream, and they all begin to sell vanilla, and eventually they are all selling vanilla. the first one to sell chocolate will walk off with all the sales
      -99 for Turn Left

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