Hey Hey it’s the Liberal Party – where they just can’t recognise their own racism

Kelly O’Dwyer ‏@KellyODwyer
Sen. Cameron says we should prioritise Australian workers before bringing in foreigners. Does this also apply to Senators?

Kelly O’Dwyer, MP for Higgins, Shadow Minister for Spin and Publicity Stunts.

Who exactly is she having a go at here? The Working class, the Scottish, migrants, migrant workers, temporary workers, Australians born overseas, the Labor Party? All wrapped up in one xenophobic little tweet.

Apart from the fact that a person has to be an Australian citizen to stand for Parliament, what message does this send – some Australians are more Australian than others? Cheap shot, Ms O’Dwyer, is that of the traditional Victorian O’Dwyers… or were they at one point migrants too?

When we start singling out people based on where they come from we are starting on very ugly slippery slope.

Just out of interest… has anyone ever told Ms O’Dwyer where her Dear Leader was born?
In case no one ever pointed it out to her – Tony Abbott was born in England, and arrived in Australia on a boat. (perhaps she needs to see: ‘Tony Abbott: born overseas and arrived in Australia as a boat person‘)


4 Comments to “Hey Hey it’s the Liberal Party – where they just can’t recognise their own racism”

  1. Do Senators work? Not according to Paul Keating. ‘Unrepresentative swill’ wasn’t it?

  2. And we are told that Kelly O’Dwyer is on of the ” bright young talents of the Liberal Party.” All she is, is just another hard right nutter who could not give a hoot about ordinary Australians. Just remember she is a great fan of WorkChoices, atruly passionate supporter of the H.R.Nicholls Society just like her buddy,the low altitude flyer Petey Costello. These are the type of person you get in the LNP. Be afraid, be very afraid of this mob.

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