Tony Abbott will resurrect work choices: the 5 reasons it is back on the Liberal agenda

If Tony Abbott was ever to gain the Prime Ministership – horrifying thought – there is every chance that the dead, buried and cremated WorkChoices will be resurrected.

1. Tony Abbott wants you to believe that WorkChoices was good for workers

The point I make is that under the former government and the industrial flexibility that the former government made possible, we had the greatest prosperity and the greatest employment growth and the fastest growth in wages that this country has ever seen.
Tony Abbott, 14 September 2009

The Howard Government’s industrial legislation, it was good for wages, it was good for jobs, and it was good for workers. And let’s never forget that.
Tony Abbott, 19 March 2008

There are two points about this, if WorkChoices really was as good for wages and workers as Abbott wants you to believe, why would a free-marketer be advocating it. People who support the free market above all else want to push wages as low as possible. And how does abolishing penalty rates or worker choice of hours benefit anyone but the employer.

So either Tony Abbott is telling people what he thinks they want to hear, or the man is an idiot who does not stand by his economically-liberal, socially-conservative values.

2. Tony Abbott is busy reframing WorkChoices as neutral, (reflect a return of the pendulum back to the middle) which means, between now and the day of the election the war on unions will only intensify.

Even though WorkChoices was dead, buried and whatever, apparently “things had changed“. What are those things? The HSU scandal. Tony Abbott is trying to destroy the Member for Dobell in order to undermine the Labor party. Tony Abbott has no empathy or sympathy, it is all about his unionphobia.

This article should worry anyone who works for a wage HSU scandal emboldens Abbott on IR

Every union ‘scandal’ that gets more publicity that you think would be logical is just Abbott fanning the flames that he hopes will destroy the ALP. This is a man who thinks people who fight for the rights of people in the work place makes them a ‘thug’ but Dubai trained former military personnel with dobermans doing the same job for half the wage are just nice family men.

Tony Abbott will make the War on the Waterfront in 1988 look like a union picnic. For more information on what that was like: WAR ON THE WATERFRONT.

As Janeane Garofalo said: To a right-winger, unions are awful. Why do right-wingers hate unions? Because collective bargaining is the power that a worker has against the corporation. Right-wingers hate that.
Source: here.

3. The Liberal Party have no policies. Apparently. But they have flagged their policies, people haven’t paid attention. A 15% GST and WorkChoices, however, this far from an election, these are two policies they will not talking about too loudly.

The MP, Andrew Laming has said: Spain – after decades of unionized laws – now turns to WorkChoices to save them. Save? Strange choice of description for an industrial policy they went to great political stunts to assure us was dead, buried and thingumy-jigumy.

Bill Shorten, himself a former union leader, and also the victim of a recent attempted smear campaign from the Liberal Party, has said: They see the path to salvation as one of cutting wages and conditions and giving Australians less job security.

If it is good for Spain, why does anyone think they would hesitate to bring WorkChoices back to Australia. Of course, the won’t call it WorkChoices, no, they will give it a new name ’employment options’ or ‘green army’ or ‘welfare to workfair’, naturally it will be all the same policies, but it won’t be WorkChoices. Abbott wants a deregulated industrial relations system and doesn’t care how he gets it.

4. Tony Abbott and the Shadows have been busy talking down the economy. The best economy in the world, AAA rated from the big three ratings agencies, and unemployment, inflation and a cash rate all below 5% – never achieved under a Howard Government. Yet Abbott wants you think we are just like Greece where wages have been slashed for ordinary workers by 40% or Spain, with 25% unemployment (apparently that is a good result according to Laming).

Why? This is the pain, and come election time, Abbott will tell you that he is the only one who can save you – how? WorkChoices.

And we know this because Tony Abbott himself has told us.

5. Tony Abbott when asked about his dead, buried and weasel-worded WorkChoices said: I can’t give an absolute guarantee about every single aspect of workplace relations legislation. yes or no, is fairly simply, if you start fudging your answers, it looks like you have something to hide.

During the 2010 election campaign, when Abbott was spinning himself into a tizzy, Abbott in discussion with the Channel 9 Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson:

Wilkinson: So you wouldn’t bring it back? If you were elected at this next election and you move into the next election, is there any chance that you would bring WorkChoices back? You’ve only said that it’s dead for three years. That’s one term.

Abbott: Well, well, well Lisa, I have an election to win. It’s the 2010 election.


At our next election the three years will be up, and as Abbott implies, he would say anything to win an election.
Once that election is won, those promises are not so rock-solid. Beside the economy needs saving. Here is why

It’s clear that no matter what the question, the Liberal’s answer is WorkChoices. Bill Shorten writing on the Labor Blog: Workchoices to ‘save’ us, says Senior Liberal Shadow Minister

Abbott wants tougher penalties for union leaders who break rules


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  1. Thanks for an important TurnLeft!

    Anyone paying attention knows the Liberals would bring back WorstChoices with only a name change…

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