If it’s good news for Labor, it must be more leadership challenge blah blah blah

It has been only 3 1/2 weeks since the last round of media speculation about “leadership crisis”. It is a reaction so predictable that is has become boring. Good news for Labor, and the Liberal Media… oops, I mean, Liberal Party start spinning their tale of leadership challenge.

Three and a half weeks? I can still see the headlines from the May 1-2 challenge garbage, where the newspapers line bottom of the budgies cage. The media treat us like goldfish, they think if they don’t keep talking about we might forget. My opinions of these current rumours are amazingly similar to the budgies.

Like Pavlov’s dog which was trained to salivate upon hearing a bell, when the Liberal’s ring the “leadership” bell, and the reaction of the pack of media dogs is the same, they salivate because they have been well-trained.

Political journalists work themselves into a tizzy, based on rumours, which other media outlets run with, which feeds back the source of the story, who assumes accuracy of the rumours correlates with the number of outlets that repeat the rumours.

As rumours fly, and politicians deny there is a challenge, the media see the denial as proof of the rumours. This is the Footy-Coach Rules of Rumour Denial. As soon as the CEO and the Board repeatedly tell the media that “the coach has the full support of management”, it is inevitable that the coach will get knifed in the back within days.

Joel Fitzgibbon (Member for Hunter, Chief Government Whip) on 27 May tweeted
I thank my colleagues for the publicity but no one does more to support the PM and the Government than me!.

This tweet was subject of much speculation: Why did he tweet it? Perhaps because he can speak to the public directly, because the media have been known to spin things out of control.
(see: Dissecting A Media Beat Up – The MP and the Channel 7 reporter, and the Ch 7 reporter admits making it up, Fitzgibbon’s denial from May 1-2.) Why did Fitzgibbon say “the PM” instead of “this PM” or refer to the PM by name. Speculation was getting ridiculous.

Of course, this means every ALP member that appeared in public would be asked the same question. With denials being taken as proof the rumours are true.

Michael Danby, (MP for Melbourne Ports Australian Parliament) also took to twitter:
@JuliaGillard has my full support. She will lead Labor to the next election in November 2013..

The reaction was …well, a reaction
Latika Bourke tweeted
Curious. Feels the need to declare. RT @DanbyMP @JuliaGillard has my full support. She will lead Labor to the next election in November 2013

Curious? Probably because the media keep asking, they have to keep denying.

During a discussion about the guest workers in the mining industry announcement, by Bowen a Ruddite, with Doug Cameron, another Ruddite, on ABC, was asked about leadership:
Doug Cameron: I’ve got no comment about leadership issues. I don’t think this has got anything to do with leadership.

The washup with all this is Michelle Grattan, that old Liberal hack, turns this is into a piece of garbage in FairFOX: Bad blood runs cold for Labor. Perhaps it is time Michelle Grattan retired, her stories are getting tired.

This is never going to end. The rumour-storm cycle will get more and more intense, until the speculation, innuendo, assumption, spin, gossip, insinuation flies so fast that before one lot of stories are denied the next lot have already begun.

Limited New’s Samantha Maiden in Kevin Rudd’s Ruddites are back counting numbers for a switch from Julia Gillard said:
Julia Gillard’s former loyal supporter Joel Fitzgibbon is openly canvassing for votes for a switch to Kevin Rudd warning: “The hung parliament is killing us”.

Do we believe he said this? Do we believe he said anything last time?

Considering people on the Left have been expressing concern about a biased media for months, (the months same number of months since the 2007 election), we automatically are supposed to believe the media when they talk about leadership rumours.

If it is true, someone needs to grab hold of the ALP caucus and tell them, it is not the parliament that is killing them, the parliament is very successful, working well with the independents and Greens, getting legislation passed, running a AAA economy. What is not working is the ALP public relations, and this will not be helped by changing leaders.

Whatever the truth to this speculation, it is time these stories were finally put to rest. The ALP can no longer cry “pity us” that the media won’t report on their fairly or accurately, they have to make the media and the public listen. No one on the Left wants to hear these stories every 3 to 4 weeks, even if it is just the media planting the seed of doubt in the mind of the ALP caucus, and making the ALP look unstable in the eyes of the public.

No is not the time to panic, ALP, hold steady.

Keep Calm and Vote Left


2 Comments to “If it’s good news for Labor, it must be more leadership challenge blah blah blah”

  1. I doubt there is another democracy on Earth with a media so one-way biased as Australia’s. Which makes blogs such as KeepLeft2013 indispensable. Thanks for being there.

    • Agree – about the one-way bias, not even the US with their FoxNation could be this biased. And thank you for comment about TL being indispensable, we try our best… were not unbiased here either, and make no secret of our biases, LEFT, and the closer we get to the election the more important bloggers will be, because MSM, no matter how bad it is now, it wont be getting better
      -99 for Turn Left

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