Meet the 10 most important Conservative Politicians in Australia

These are the 10 most important members of the Conservative Coalition, not the Leader, or the Shadow Finance minister, or any of the other expected names

Politician – Seat (state) … margin at the 2010 election
Ken Wyatt – Hasluck (WA) LIB… 50.57
Andrew Southcott – Boothby (SA) LIB… 50.75
Bruce Billson – Dunkley (Vic) LIB… 51.02
Teresa Gambaro – Brisbane (Qld) LNP… 51.13
Louise Markus – Macquarie (NSW) LIB… 51.26
Bert Van Manen – Forde (Qld) LNP… 51.63
Natasha Griggs – Solomon (NT) CLP… 51.75
Alan Tudge – Aston (Vic) LIB… 51.76
Wyatt Roy – Longman (Qld) LNP… 51.92
Ewen Jones – Herbert (Qld) LNP… 52.17

Yes, that is right, these are the 10 most marginal non-government seats. These were the numbers they won their seats by in the 2010 election. A by-election in any of these seats between now and the Federal Election will give the Government a fraction more breathing room, and take some of the pressure off.

The attacks from the Liberals and the Media (but I repeat myself) are so intense because it takes only one in the Government to fall to change everything.

If the Government was more secure, the ugly scenes we have been witnessing over recent months might not get so much air-time or column inches.

So…. by-election huh?

those top 10 reproduced here in one handy downloadable image

image is screen grab from wikipedia


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