Meet the Real Tony Abbott – be afraid, be very afraid (video)


8 Comments to “Meet the Real Tony Abbott – be afraid, be very afraid (video)”

  1. We used to have empires run by emperors and kingdoms run by kings. If Tony Abbott become prime minister it would be right to call Australia a country because it will be run by a …

  2. There are worse Abbott quotes available if you can find the footage. Homelessness being a choice is one & the whole interview about the NBN on ABC where he thought it was cables on telegraph poles was Abbott at his most moronic & lazy. Definitely enough material for a sequel

    • Abbott is a moron, and king of the morons if he is the best the LNP have between all of them, unfortunately it is the rest of us who will suffer when the fools vote for him and his party

  3. This is the scary side of Tony Abbott. A psychopath with no feelings for anyone else. This needs to be shown as widely as is possible!

  4. Without a doubt this creep is the ugly face of the Liberal Party. Liar Hypocrite Coward. That this hideous individual could be the leader of a major political party is a disgrace and simply beggars belief. Phoney has never looked back since that dinner with Rupe about eighteen months ago and all the other MSM are in lockstep with him. Combined they are greatest danger to democracy in this country.

    • If it wasnt Abbott, Murdoch would have anointed some other hack. And, despite TA being all those things you said, he is still just keeping up with the much accomplished Prime Minister. If the media could just tell the truth, and stop shilling for LNP, ALP would be one of the most beloved Govts – based on their accomplishments, they should be.
      -99 for Turn Left

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