Tony Abbott again using violent language to describe the PM, this man can never be Prime Minister

*Not having a go at the lovely Latika Bourke, just she was the first person I saw make reference to this comment. Ms Bourkes tweet used here without her permission in the interest of news

Tony Abbott tells his Joint Partyroom today it’s going to be a tough election as [PM] ‘Gillard won’t lie down and die.’

Seems like Mr Abbott needs a thesaurus – how about quit, give up, stop, walk away, throw in the towel, call time out (that one might be a bit too American), retire – finding an alternative word is not that difficult, unless you have only one thing on your mind.

Tony Abbott is obsessed with death. His language is a revealing pattern of his thought processes. It seems like he does little else all day but fantasize all the ways the current, democratically elected Prime Minister can die.

This language is unsuited for a man who would be Prime Minister. Repeated use of similar phrases without anyone in the media or parliament or the Liberal Party saying “hang on, that’s a bit much” sends a message that violent language in particular, and violent behaviour in general is still acceptable in Australian society.

Violence against women, or anyone, is never acceptable.


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