image: Stand and Fight

I will stand up and fight – Prime Minister Julia Gillard


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  1. I’m not sure I’d be quite so pessimistic about lefty bloggers not working together. The Political Sword (another very fine pro-Labor blog) has the regular ‘Lynne’s Daily Links’ feature. Lynne does a sterling job bringing together links from all over the progressive blogosphere, including frequent promotions of TurnLeft2013 articles. And I see you’ve included The Political Sword in your blogroll.

    A big blow was the recent closure of Larvatus Prodeo. For years it was the most prominent Australian progressive blog. Not every progressive’s cup of tea, perhaps, but it was popular and I would suggest influential in its way. Oh, well, doors close and open, I suppose. There are some other good lefty blogs. The Failed Estate and Pure Poison at Crikey, with their emphasis on the media. Other blogs dedicated to the Foxification of the ABC: Everyones ABC and The ABC Has Gone To Hell. Grog’s Gamut (which is running a little thin lately), Independent Australia (perhaps I’m correct in typecasting it as a left blog?), The Daily Derp, Cafe Whispers, Tim Dunlop’s B Sides (also a little slow nowadays), The Orstrahyun (likewise), Groupthink (likewise), Pollytics at Crikey (likewise).

    Of course, there’s the Poll Bludger blog at Crikey, whose comments threads are peopled by a cast of enthusiastic Labor supporters. The moderator appears to be a Howard-fan conservative, which would put him at odds with the majority of the community that’s spung up there. Fortunately his input to the blog appears to be limited to the set-pieces at the top of threads (which I don’t think anyone reads: they certainly do not act as springboards to discussion, and dishing out abuse to contributors). Lots of useful links get posted in the ongoing discussion threads, but they can be hard to find in amongst the hundreds of posts of generalised minute-by-minute political discussion. It’s a pity they’re not coordinated in the way Lynne’s Daily Links are, but somehow I feel the moderator would not be interested in assisting the left-wing cause to that extent.

    There’s also the Global Mail – which provides comment spaces at the bottom of some stories. It’s more newsy than a blog, but that’s its function of course, and has a heavy international focus. And New Matilda, another avowedly independent news outlet. Disappointingly it is lately including regular conservative pieces which are indistinguishable from the right-wing apologia with which the mainstream media assails every Australian MSM consumer. Very poor form by NM, in my opinion, to offer up the same-tasting rubbish from which it is supposed to be independent.

    GetUp has discussion facilities on some of their pages, but wouldn’t you know it, they’re heavily infiltrated by right winger “contributors” hostile to the agenda of GetUp. With all of the whole entire mainstream media as their political playground, it’s still not enough for some of RWers, they even have to deposit their odious RT talking points into one the few progressive organisations that exist in this country.

    But, yes, with what you’ said, it would be great to see the left bloggers work together more. The more connections that are forged the tighter and more influential will be our efforts. I guess the trick is to keep up the networking (you are active on Twitter, which is a good start) and cross-posting etc. We have to fight on, and grow in strength, confidence and determination.

    • A few of these blogs you mentioned I have never even heard of, admittedly, I have less time for reading than before I joined TL. And others have taken a more right turn recently. I am not saying TL is the best or only Leftie blog out there, its just… wouldnt it be great for there to be one blog that can bring the best of all these other leftie blogs together, some pieces might need a touch of editing – perhaps adding links or graphics – or combining two different blog posts to one article, when people are writing about the same topic.
      Like a Huffpost or something to rival the major news websites – everyone has different talents, and one major Leftwing blog could showcase the best of everyone.
      But who would want to see their best posts on someone elses blog or a neutral other blog.

      What the media should understand, but dont act like they do, if Fairfax and ABC continue to serve up Murdoch leftovers reheated, people are going to just go directly to Murdoch. If they tried something different they could get all the non Murdoch people.

  2. The problem is that Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition are hitting below the belt Julia. Need to get down and dirty in their sleaze files — I’ll bet there’s plenty of little skeletons in the cupboard.

    • Everyone has a skeleton, and the more “family values” they come across, the more those skeletons can hurt (its the hypocrisy) – the trick is how to unlock the closet door. The ALP doesn’t like to play dirty except for against their own side. The media will not do it, so it is up to us, the voters, the Leftie bloggers. The power of united Left-wing Bloggers could uncover those skeletons, but we are not united, we can’t come together around a single purpose, and that will be our downfall.

      Sometimes it is like the ALP would rather lose trying to have everyone like them, rather than fight to win.

      -99 for Turn Left

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