Run Tony Run, Craig Thomson is coming (video)

For more about what happened in Parliament this morning, see The moment that Craig Thomson Pwned Tony Abbott


2 Comments to “Run Tony Run, Craig Thomson is coming (video)”

  1. Interesting comment in media (ABC 702) this afternoon that by negating Thomson’s vote Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition are actually disenfranchising all the electors in Dobell. Nice argument!

    About what you would expect from Phoney in his quest to gain power by whatever means.

    And some interesting stuff from Wixxyleaks in Independent Australia. Suggests that Whiney Pyne is involved with Jackson of the HSU and Lawler of FWA. This whole business has stopped smelling like a rat and now smells more like a cesspool.

    • And disenfranchised their own electorates. There is a lot more out there in the greater world of politics which we will never know, because the complete failure of the media to investigate.
      -99 for TL

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