Not fit to be in Government – how the Liberals have trashed the “Politics” brand (image)

After yesterdays scenes of Liberal politicians fleeing from democracy (The moment that Craig Thomson Pwned Tony Abbott), afternoon question time would always have a sting in the tail. And when Chrissy Pyne, Manager of Opposition Business in the House, was expelled by the Speaker Anna Burke, he responded with all the grace and class of an adult.


8 Responses to “Not fit to be in Government – how the Liberals have trashed the “Politics” brand (image)”

  1. When I saw that picture in the Age, I imagined how the press would have run with it if the pollie had been from the govt benches. Then I thought well who on the govt side would do it and couldn’t think of anyone. The women are mature and none of the men carrry on like school boys.

    The msm has the “collective” excuse of that is what they expect of both Pyne and Abbott, so it is not an isssue. Let us just hope that these 2 men are never in a position of representing the govt of australia.

    • Not only would no ALP/ Indi / Greens do that, but the media has tried to paint it as a general parliament standards thing, both sides as bad as each other. How do people survive who only read MSM – turn into LNP voters I suppose

  2. Whiney Pyne is just the NO Coalitions sleazy attack dog — tongue poking is about the level of his intellect. I’m also awaiting the revelations that Pyne was seen association with Jackson from the HSU and Lawler of FWA.
    There are no depths that Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition won’t plumb to gain the government seats. And people support these thugs as the alternative government. Will be interesting to see how quickly their view changes with the return of Work Choices and the removal of social service payments for families etc.
    I’ve almost reached to poing of saying ‘bring it on’, so that I can say with a great deal of pleasure ‘told you so’! Almost but, not quite. Can’t bring myself to acquiese to the Australian disaster that Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition will visit upon our heads.

    • No need to say bring it on, Victoria, Queensland, NSW, Western Australia, know exactly what it will be like. Theyre getting a taste now, hopefully they will be thoroughly sick of it before the election.

  3. This is disgusting. When will the Acting Speaker take stronger action against this juvenile irritant?
    A limerick immediately sprang to mind so I had to steal the image! Sorry.

  4. Spoiled children who never grew up!


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