Why does Tony Abbott hate free speech?

During parliament yesterday Julie Bishop asked a question about a poster that had been seen in someone’s electoral office, which the Coalition had taken offence to.

Speaker Anna Burke reminded Julie Bishop that posters in the electoral office was not an issue for the parliament, only posters in the Parliament offices were.

Julie Bishop was whining (‘It is offensive’ she said) on behalf of Tony Abbott, the pictures, she said had been the topic of conversation on talk back radio (2GB) and twitter. And kept on about it, making an issue of something the right-wing talkback, twitterati and Coalition MPs had decided was the most important thing of the day.

Although, for anyone who has ever listened to 2GB (home of Alan Jones), it is a surprise they could find even find someone who knew what racism and sexism was. They certainly weren’t offended when Jones was talking about dumping the Prime Minister in a chaff bag in the Tasman ocean and letting her swim home.

These are the images that so offended the Abbott and the Bishop that try tried to make a parliamentary case out of it.

image text: image 1: I’m threatened by boats & gays
Gays on boats are my worst nightmare
image 2: Note to the Ladies: Make me a sandwich

These were in Tanya Plibersek’s (MP for Sydney) office.

Yet, Tony Abbott, Sophie Mirabella, Bronwyn Bishop had no problem with this picture below from an anti-climate change rally. Why are the talk back hacks offended on Tony Abbott’s behalf? Why is Julie Bishop raising this issue in Parliament and not Tony?

Obviously this is not about a poster, given the amount of other images of Tony Abbott that he could get his knickers in a twist over. So perhaps this is related to Abbott making an idiot of himself by running out of parliament during a vote on wednesday (30 May).

Tony Abbott offended by a “sexist” image – it’s almost like someone said he should be kicked to death, have a baseball bat used on him, with a target on his forehead, put him in a chaff bag and dumped in the ocean, called Bob Brown’s bitch and should be burned, and he won’t lie down and die – yeah, compared to all that, an image in someone’s office is so terrible.

Besides, why is Abbott worried about what other people do to make him look foolish?


7 Comments to “Why does Tony Abbott hate free speech?”

  1. He hates free speech? Really? (http://theconversation.edu.au/licensing-hate-the-possible-consequences-of-abbotts-racial-vilification-changes-8680)

    You have no idea and your ignorant comments about this topic go to show that you have no idea. I suggest the author informs themselves in future before looking like a complete moron and being completely WRONG!!

    How can people be so damn blind as to not see the writing on the wall…

    • Wow, how do people on the Right get so ignorant, must be because they are suspicious of anyone with the IQ above that of brick. Anyone with a different opinion must be trolled on a daily basis, while failing completely to make an attempt at understanding anything they say. But then, things like facts, literacy, spelling, comprehension, truth were never strong points for the Right.

  2. When is the chicken going to front up for a tough interview? For that matter, when is the media going to start confronting him with tough interviews??

    • how would one go about finding what press stunts Abbott is about to do, and turn up with a camera, I guess one would have to be approved media to find that out in advance

  3. Tone is so precious- diddums.After what he dishes out how can he have the cheek to complain?

  4. Poor Phoney Tony. So ‘precious’ when his true nature is exposed.

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