The Liberal Politician, The Religious Cult, and the Environmental Group

Ever have one of those days, where you switch on your computer with no destination in mind? Nothing happening in politics so today will be one of those random lolcat-kinda days.

Although, now that the Parliament is on a break, it is a good time to catch up on some background research on some of the politicians.

Choosing one completely at random – Louise Markus, Liberal MP for Greenway, NSW. So hit up zoom and typed in Louise Markus

How interesting, of her board memberships and affiliation, they involve just the one church. So which community does she represent – Greenway?

Employment history Hillsong and Katoomba Area Climate Action Now Inc.

That is a rather strange combination, especially considering she is part of Liberal Opposition that wants to do nothing about climate change.

Boring. I have had enough of that woman. Time to do something else.

Had to take a break, got a phone call from a friend who had recently lost her house, she owned too much money on her credit card, after tithing Hillsong and getting into debt.

Followed by another friend, inviting me to Saturday night out at the local Hillsong Franchise Outlet.

Who exactly are these Hillsong people? Time to research – or at least do what newspaper reporters do, trawl facebook, wikipedia and google.

In this video, Father Bob and Tracey Grimshaw question whether this organisation with tax-free status, Hillsong, is a cult…

So maybe no saving my soul tonight, perhaps I shall save the planet instead. The responsible thing would be to check out any organisation I intend to donate time and energy to.

Choosing one completely at random, Katoomba Area Climate Action Now, Inc. whose website has the following statement:

Political Action
We believe our political representatives have a responsibility to take urgent action on climate change. We support legislation that cuts Australia’s carbon pollution, supports clean renewable energy, transitions away from fossil fuels and fulfils our obligations to help poorer nations adapt to climate impacts and pay for low-carbon technology.

Here is an example from their website, of them lobbying a local politician. One big happy Planet-Saving Green Family.

Perhaps I shall donate money, they certainly have friends in high places. If anyone could save the planet, it should be them. Imagine how much more effective they could be if they had actually employed a politician.

I’d like to make a donation. A check of registered charities, Fair Trading NSW, and ASIC found no listing for this group. So I contacted them via their website and heard absolutely nothing back. Perhaps I will not be donating anything to them today.

There is no connection between any of these things, they are just 3 completely separate, random things I have searched for today, while filling in time waiting for the House of Reps to return. These are not alleging anything, and the accuracy of these three things is not checked, just the result of a morning killing time online. Anyone can write anything, There is no way to know what is true and what isn’t.

So now I shall now do something more constructive, or look at the video clip of Tony Abbott running away from Craig Thomson one more time, now that is better than a Lolcat.

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