image – Tony Abbott: Make me prime minister, or I will destroy you

In the style of Barbara Kruger, which places slogans over pictures, focusing on black-white-red. An homage to her style, not trying to steal it.

For more about on Barbara Kruger, whose art challenges society, from over-consumerism to feminism, a site dedicated to her work:

5 Comments to “image – Tony Abbott: Make me prime minister, or I will destroy you”

  1. Love your treatment of this shot, I put captions under pictures, how do you paste over picture.
    Love your politics

    • Thanks for the second line. I dont have photoshop, but this is what I used for this picture, border was done in windows paint, desaturation done in gimp, caption was done in fotoflexer.

      These are what I use to make images, each have different things that others don’t, this is not an endorsement, it’s just what I use:
      GIMP (free download, can seem complicated at first) – adding new effects frequently, so I think its new
      fotoflexer – an almost exact clone of photobucket, which I believe is now owned by Rupert Murdoch

      -99 for Turn Left

  2. Love it! So Phoney Tony!

  3. Captures the persona of this megalomaniac perfectly. Great work!

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