The Week Everything We Thought We Knew About Australian Politics Was Turned Upside Down

Foreign Minister, Bob Carr led the world in expelling Syrian diplomats (Expulsion of Syrian Chargé d’Affaires), whether this was too late or not enough, is for discussion in another post. However, for too long, Abbott and his acolytes have told us that we cannot move on taking action against climate change because ‘we can’t go it alone‘. This shows perhaps other countries are waiting for someone else to make the first step. Australia didn’t go it alone, Australia led and others followed.

A headline on – another Limited News outlet, ran a piece about the economy “Australia’s economy is doing well… Australia’s economy was ‘quite sound’ and our prospects ‘very good’ should the world be dragged into another global slump by collapses in Europe… Australia isn’t Greece”. Yes, from the media organisation that had spent 2 years talking down the same economy.

During the Parliamentary discussion on Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2012 (31 May), Bob Katter got up and had a few things to say, ranging from praising the Unionist Paddy Crumlin, railing against an Abbott junta which would see Australia become nothing but a quarry – not even miners, just a quarry – even reduced to importing food. Katter was on fire defending the Great Barrier Reef from ships that would smash it.

Katter went on to rage against his former party for their inability to do anything to protect Australian jobs or the environment. “Ben Chifley was a prime minster without peer”, praising the Labor prime minister. He even got an ad for his book in $39.99. Why can’t we replace the entire Opposition with Bob Katter? He says No a lot too, but unlike Abbott, frequently makes sense.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a brave speech to the Minerals Council, telling some of the mining industry’s big players that Australians did not miners begrudge their success.

But I know this too: they work pretty hard in car factories and panel beaters and in police stations and hospitals.
And here’s the rub: you don’t own the minerals; they own it and they deserve their share… Governments only sell you the right to mine the resource – a resource we hold in trust for a sovereign people.

Even though the combine power of the miners may yet bring down this government, with their opposition to the MRRT (Minerals Resource Rent Tax), the Prime Minister reminded them of a few things. Tony Abbott’s speech about minerals quietly disappeared from the online archives.

Tony Abbott has come out and admitted that “Gillard won’t lie”. Yes, it’s half a sentence, but still… So who do we believe now, when Abbott talks about “trust”? Um, not you Tony.

Doug Cameron said “you can’t be a brawler day in day out … you’ve got to have something between your ears” about Tony Abbott, perhaps. And an entire nation, well those few who still pay attention to anything the ABC says, fell off their chairs in shock.

Last but never least.
Craig Thomson may have just ensure that Tony Abbott will never be Prime Mini. May have also ended his chance of still being Leader Of Coalition Opposition (LOCO) at the next election.

That Craig Thomson, the man who Tony Abbott had spent months trying to destroy, pushing him to the brink, then feigning concern that he might do something.

Showing humour, skill, political acumen, and courage, Craig Thomson’s presence made Tony Abbott flee from a vote, which will forever be the image that one thinks of when Tony Abbott comes up in conversation.

Run Rabbit Run.

because no matter how many times you see this image, it never gets old


8 Comments to “The Week Everything We Thought We Knew About Australian Politics Was Turned Upside Down”

  1. Gillard won’t lie down and die but Abbott will do the runner. Abbott and Pyne have egg on their face over this, blatantly lying about the Carbon Tax, talking down the economy, predicting doom in mining and then buying shares in it, the Slipper affair and as is coming to light the Thomson affair as well.

  2. Abbot didn’t say “Gillard won’t lie” he said “Gillard won’t lie down and die”. Talk about quoting out of context!

  3. Despite the spin from Abbott and the RW shills on hate-talk radio, Australia is not “going it alone” in pricing carbon or reducing carbon emissions.

    Adam Morton, The Age, 13 September 2011:

    “… Does this leave Australia ahead of the world, or moving with the pack? According to the World Bank, about 90 countries now have carbon action plans. Not all have a carbon price, but there is a broad consensus among economists that a well-designed trading scheme is the cheapest way to cut emissions.”

    And as for “the world’s biggest carbon tax” (another line of Liberal spin that the mainstream media let go through to the keeper):

    “…[A Productivity Commission] report found Australia was spending between $44 and $99 per tonne on carbon abatement – in comparison with Germany, which spends $137 to $178 a tonne and South Korea that spends $225 to $401.

    Climate Institute chief executive John Connor said the results show Australia is “no leader”.

    “Today, the Productivity Commission has joined the ranks that Australia is at no risk of leading the world in taking action on pollution and climate change,” Mr Connor told reporters in Sydney today.

    “Australia risks getting left behind if we stall again, if our politicians fail again to put a price on pollution and other policies.”

    Sydney Morning Herald, 09 June 2011

    • and someone could read that, two minutes later hear Tony Abbott or Alan Jones or Bolt say a three-word slogan “go it alone” and they will believe Australia is going it alone. It is bizarre, Abbott could say he was Marilyn Monroe and the press gallery would wait for him to sing Diamonds Are A Girls Bestfriend. I think Bob Carr got it right, the country has been mesmerised.

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