When there are no qualified politicians… put a pot plant on the ballot

In 2000, the documentary maker Michael Moore tried to get a ficus plant on the ballot, as part of his tv show ‘The Awful Truth’. Moore did this in protest against the number of politicians who were standing unopposed, which, Moore said, was not good for democracy.

From the press release at the time:

Claiming that the American people “deserve better,” a potted plant, commonly known as “Ficus,” formally announced its campaign this morning to seek the Congressional seat in New Jersey’s 11th District as a write-in candidate on both the Democrat and Republican Party ballots…
The choice is simple – hot air or oxygen? I’ve seen a lot of politicians lie, cheat, steal, and use improper syntax. I have never met one who can perform photosynthesis.
Michael Moore

Here is his video of his adventures “Ficus for Congress”

2 Comments to “When there are no qualified politicians… put a pot plant on the ballot”

  1. Say what you like about potted plants. Most of them have more brains and conscience than, say, Abbott!

    • and can photosynthesise! it was a brilliant piece of satire on the political system, much like Stephen Colbert’s SuperPac – which highlights how completely lacking in humour we are in Australian Politics, apart from the unintentionally hilarious Run Rabbit Run

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