Guest post: You silly Queenslanders. You WOULD give Can’t Do tyrannical powers wouldn’t you

Guest Post from Sir Lancelink Jotalot. Thank you

You silly Queenslanders.
You WOULD give Can’t Do tyrannical powers wouldn’t you…thanks a lot.
You are helping to turn Queensland into a poisoned sandpit for Gina and Twiggy, so they can kill our Great Barrier Reef.
The World’s Great largest living organism…it should have more rights than a corporation.

Newman is plainly corrupt and has given all the big jobs to his unqualified mates.
So much for ‘competent’ government. Corrupt council of greedy clowns is more descriptive.
Broken promises and REactions never told to the public pre-election.

He has no respect for our culture, as he has completely halted ALL cultural funding. A big mistake if you want to foster a mature, non yobbo bully culture.

But the LNP do not want a mature sophisticated culture, (see parliament) that can think for themselves, they only want ignorant sheeple, easily manipulated by their rich mates’ media empires.

You fools.

Let’s hope that it is a stern warning of what life would be like under Abbott.
Along with the alarming alerts produced by the numerous bungles from Barry O’Fail and Ted FailYou.

The almighty hypocrisy of our pathetic media is largely to blame for the fact that a government that should be heaped in praise where praise is due, is crucified for no other reason than to install the LNP back in power. The same bunch we got rid of a mere 4 years ago.

They had a good run, why won’t the public give this govt at least that long?

Because of our political media coverage… which and is an insult to anyone with an iota of intellect.

A Leveson style media inquiry is well over due here.
Even if the hacking and illegality is not as rife, the corrupt and cozy relationships, the views of journalists working in the and out of the main stream, also need to be properly aired.
The public deserves a voice in how state media is operated. We pay for it. They work for us.
ABC has moved so far to the right it can no longer be trusted as a true independent media.

As long as the voters swallow it all whole, unquestioned, democracy is damaged and the people are not properly informed enough to vote in their own and the nation’s best interest.I wish for once they would question and LOOK UP THE FACTS! THEY ARE THERE!

Our media lie blatantly and won’t tell you, and you have a responsibility as a citizen and guardian of the national interest for future generations. I think that fact is really hard for the average voter to accept.

That their fave tv channels and media heroes can lie so outrageously. Too trusting in media, zero trust of government. Puzzling and understandable at once.
A symptom of our national identity crisis.

I thinks Australia, more than any other English-speaking nation, except maybe Canada, has grown up so saturated in US/UK television and Right wing media culture, that they are wide open to the most gross manipulation. Hollywood wanna bes. Celebrity citizens. A big screen in every room of the McMansion.

There are too many examples of gross media hypocrisy to list here now, (I’ll get around to it)
but one example of it is so galling it drives me nuts.

Labor sells state assets = always BAD, thrown out of govt for it.
LNP sell even more, getting even less return for taxpayers, and they are heroes.


Why are so many so blind to LNP bias in media, why do so many believe all the lies and the obvious LNP deception. The biggest lie is that our economy is in big trouble, and severe austerity needed.

ALL evidence, indisputable, points to the exact opposite.

All key economic indicators, all the BISONS are far better under this govt, than any LNP government…ever, but the public still believe the lies they hear and see on Billionaire owned media…gamblimg and mining driven publications…..and HoWARd gutted ABC.

Most Abbott lovers and conservatives are still under the always false impression that the ABC is ‘lefty’… how hilarious. If they do start watching now that the ABC loves LNP, they will say “they’re independent”.

Ranting over for the mo…more thought out ramblings to come.

Don’t believe the hype. Any of it. Especially Abbott’s great big lies.

Stop the lies.

Ooh…remember when Abbott promised to resign…or actually DIE…if the carbon price was passed?

He also promised to resign if Labor ever achieved a surplus…any surplus.

Two great big fat lies right there.

Sir Lancelink Jotalot

13 Responses to “Guest post: You silly Queenslanders. You WOULD give Can’t Do tyrannical powers wouldn’t you”

  1. Lots of points to agree with in this piece. Basically it is unwise for any electorate (local, State or federal) to hand over so much power to one party. This is especially so in a State such as Queensland which lacks an Upper House as a gate-keeper of bad legislation. But Queenslanders did it anyway – handed over to the conservatives one of the biggest victory margins ever. Now they’ve got to cop whatever the billionaires and their political puppets wish to dish out to them, and it’s not likely to be positive or beneficial to any but those at the top of the food chain.

    So while it was a stupid democratic outcome (in terms of its emphaticness), the blame can’t be placed entirely at the feet of voters. Most voters are captive to whatever political impressions the mainstream media wish to instill in them. And the media in Queensland, like the remainder of Australia, is a right-wing shocker. Brisbane is a one-newspaper Murdoch town. Their ABC carries a lot of influence and makes no real effort to conceal its rightward bias. And into provincial cities up and down the Queensland coast, as well as inland, the radio programs of talkback hate-spitters out of Sydney are broadcast each day during prime time sessions.

    So, wherever they live, whenever they turn to their ‘local’ media, Queenslanders are captive to an unbroken onslaught of blanket right-wing propaganda. Hardly surprising, then, that so many of them can be induced into voting against their own interests and the wellbeing of coming generations, and in favour of some of the richest, most powerful individuals in the State, if not the world.

    The problem is not so much with the voters as with the media that knowingly and purposefully lead them by the nose.

    • excellent points, QLD is a one-paper town?

      • As with other capital cities, Brisbane has its share of suburban dailies/weeklies (some independent, some Murdoch). The Courier-Mail (Murdoch) serves as the Brisbane and state daily. It’s a similar situation in Darwin and Adelaide, with the capital city dailies (Murdoch) also effectively dailies for the rest of the State/Territory.

      • and with the ABC basically following Murdochs lead (one ABC presenter said publicly, they take their lead from what is in the Murdoch press that day), there is not much hope, no wonder the Rabid Dog hates broadband, people have more chance to find out things for themselves

  2. deadset you are down right fuckwit. I cannot stand to sit here and read such blatant lies. Clearly you have been brainwashed by someone, who has no idea what is going on. Have fun being an armchair politician. This article makes me infuriated, and thats at the writer. if i were you i would put a bullet in my brain, and save the world from your fucking insolence. Go an do something worthwhile with your with. Dumb Fuck

    • It;s you who are the dumb fuck, and a nasty one at that. Go back to humping your sister, moron

    • You wouldn’t happen to vote for the Shooters party by any chance? ( Just an inkling I get) What you wrote in your own comment could be applied back to yourself.

      Is THIS an example of that new (silly) Liberal voter…seem to me it is.

    • I can see that you have absolutely no control over your emotions or your writing. You may not see eye to eye with the writer of this piece but do you deny him/her free speech. Do you understand that without a viable opposition, you’re living under a dictatorship? Do you even understand what this means? The absolute wonder of your comment is that you accuse the writer of being brainwashed. Surely even you can see the irony in that

  3. Labor has done so much for Australians yet all they get is a negative response. Thanks to Tony Abbott, people are frightened. They’re frightened of the carbon price. They’re frightened that the economy is sinking fast. If only they would find out facts instead of listening to the media and Liberals. For the first time in Australia’s history, interest rates, unemployment and cost of living are all under 5%. Australia has a AAA rating from three different rating agencies. These are facts. Come on people. Wake up.

  4. I don’t blame the frightened banana benders as much as the shamefully inept and corrupt, HoWARd culture entrenched, media.

  5. Bjelke Petersen left a fantastic Conservative legacy. You are seeing the fruits of it now!


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